Would You?

Brind’Amour for Cheechoo, straight up?



15 Responses to “Would You?”

  1. to be honest. at first I said absolutely not. people are pissed at cheechoos minus 6 or 7. Brind’Amour is something like minus 17, and last year was one of the leagues WORST in plus minus. not to mention that he is a center, and with

    spezza, fisher, kelly, winchester, regin, and occasionally shannon

    We have a few of those. However the ONLY benefit I see is his face-off ability, which we struggle with.

    But he also is NOT an expiring contract and we take on salary (his cap hit is 3.6, cheechoos is 3)

    So no.

  2. Absolutely. In a heartbeat. Which is what he would bring to this anonymous group of players – heart.

    Cheechoo isn’t an expiring contract either, and we’ve needed a solid veteran leader to take some pressure off Alfredsson for a long time.

  3. Agreed, I wouldn’t do the deal, especially as Brindy can’t be bought out.

  4. Not a chance.

    Brind’Amour can’t bring anything to this team that Cheechoo doesn’t already except for a good face-off percentage. He may be a decent deadline pick up for a playoff team looking for a depth forward with loads of experience.

    Although Cheechoo isn’t scoring much, he is consistantly one of the hardest working players in Ottawa and I hope he will still be a Senator for a few more years (after taking the necessary pay cut).

  5. I am not a great fan of Cheechoo although I respect his work ethic and his basic decency. However, I don’t think you will be getting an appreciable upgrade for him with Brindamour. I know Cheechoo’s salary is an albatross but he will have an expiring contract new year and will actually improve in value as an asset. I say bite the bullet – don’t trade him now – and play him with Spezza so that he can get 20 goals (OK – that last part is pure fantasy)

  6. i agree with kerry – they need to boost cheechoo’s value before trading him (although the kings’ fans seem to really like cheechoo, must be a hangover from cheechoo scoring most of those 56 goals against them)

  7. Absolutely. We desperately need someone to take faceoffs. Not sure why Carolina would do this trade…

  8. Absolutely.

    What about Spezza+ for Lecavalier.

  9. Never

  10. Pulling all the strings (So ya don't like my MOP?) Says:

    I’d rather trade for Andrew Brunette

  11. If it was Brind’Amour from 3 years ago (against Cheechoo today), then absolutely. He’s regressed too much to be effective and at a greater cap hit, I’m not sure why anyone would consider this move.

  12. Souray & Penner for Kovie & Kuba

  13. Nick Rebel Says:

    Although Carolina or Ottawa might make this trade I doubt Brindamour would want to come to Ottawa at his age & uproot his family, same for Whitney. My guess is if he is moved he would want to stay rather close to his family, maybe back to Philly or Pittsburgh or Washington.

    I would much rather pry Cole out of Carolina, is he available? Cole has more of the tangibles that Ottawa needs now, that Brindamour used to have. A big tough powerforward with an edge who could re-find his scoring touch & make some room for our scoring forwards. But then again why would Carolina want Cheechoo? I would think they would prefer Kelly & maybe Picard or Campolli for Cole.

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