The Silver Lining.

Look, I’m as disappointed as anyone with last nights result.  In fact, I’m writing this now, and not last night, because I didn’t want to over-react to one loss.

No doubt the media and blogs are alight with criticism, and doom, but I wouldn’t know, because I wanted to write this blog first, before getting caught up in the negativity.

Last night, Ottawa played a good game, and lost.

That, above all other criticisms (as well earned as they may be) remains a fact.

After coming off of a gruelling road trip, from several time zones away, the Sens still posted a 47 shot game, drew 7 PP’s, and apart from some bad luck and great goaltending, did what was needed to be done to win a game.

If that is the sort of performance this team can muster up, in those circumstances, it bodes well for the future, as much as it stung, badly, to lose…again.

Elliott looked great, and that’s no small thing.

Fish continued his goal scoring streak.

Campoli and Karlsson both posted one of their better games.

Carkner has yet to look out of place in the NHL.

As it stands Ottawa sits 7th in the east, a ranking that many of us believed, coming into the season, represented a “best case” scenario.

Luckily, this ranking has been achieved without some of the key players on this roster contributing.  These players have to begin contributing, and when they do, the wins will once again start rolling in.

Here’s to the future, not the past.



2 Responses to “The Silver Lining.”

  1. Nick Rebel Says:

    And what if they don’t start contributing? This team needs to make a trade to shake things up. We have 3 forwards contributing consistently & 15 players who are not contributing consistently on the scoreboard. We have no excuses, we had plenty of opportunities that were squandered by lackadaisical play, bad judgement, poor passing & still not enough quality shots at the net or scoring chances.

    This team is not very hard to play against, they are too small, too soft, don’t hit enough & have too many passengers. Again we are a one line team, Fisher, Michalek & Alfredson do their part & we can’t seem to put another scoring line together with the other 11 forwards. With all of the players not contributing consistently I don’t see why Murray can’t put a couple of packages together that would attract some interest. There are guys out there who have been rumoured to be available, Frolov & Johnson, Barker & Versteeg, Whitney & maybe Cole. One forward (maybe two) & one defenceman should do it. Murray needs to start getting creative & put something together to bring a couple of these guys to Ottawa even if it costs us a 1st round pick.

    On another note, most NHL teams play an aggressive attack team defence similar to a full court press in basketball including ironically Ottawa. The best way to break a press is by passing quickly & often. Ottawa has too many guys who can’t seem to think the game fast enough to make these quick passes & consistently get caught. Spezza & Kovalev both like to carry the puck & hang on to it in the offesive zone which plays right into the press. They can’t seem to play a quick give & go game or fast break out game. With all the Kovalev talk let’s face it, we got this guy in the twilight of his career. The way he is playing it’s quite likely this is his last contract before returning to Russia to play. It seems obvious that he has lost more than a step & although we see glimpses of his once dominate skill it’s fleeting & sadly no longer threatening.

  2. Spezza will get it together, count on it. He’s not the player he has been this year, and it will change…eventually.
    Kovalev…your guess is as good as mine, I don’t get this guy, I’ absolutely baffled.
    As for a trade…probably wishful thinking, as far as impact goes. The most likely player available right now would be Horton, but Ottawa would likely have to waive a salary to make this happen;
    Say, Kelly, Lee, 2nd for Horton, then waive Donnovan when he returns.
    In a perfect world? Kovy & 2nd for Horton.
    To me, Spezza needs a trigger man, a guy who scores goals, and Kovy is only adding to the frustration and confusion for a guy trying to adjust to the loss of his wing-man. Horton is this type of guy.

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