“Do you want me to save the ones that go wide too?”

The famous words of short time Senator goaltender Tom Barrasso(le) apply perfectly.

Elliott gets the win, thanks to shots going wide.

And in a night featuring no shortage of bad bounces, ya take what ya can get.

I’m not about to break down that win beyond saying it counted for 2 big points.  Anything more would be BS, and we all know it.

But, here’s to Volchy, you’re a warrior man…I swear, you are grit incarnate.



3 Responses to “What…?”

  1. why would breaking down a game ever be BS?

  2. The Sens got 2 points from the weakest team on the road trip. It was all brutal. Time to regroup, lick wounds….and turn this thing around. Elliott was still shaky, the guy needs a break as he’s cracking under pressure. The saving grace was that the Ducks were even more brutal and Giguere was beer league bad.
    The officiating reminded me of the Ducks/Sens finals…a few calls here and there but no calls when players were mauled and tackled yards away from the puck. Volchenkov had a big bullseye on his jersey and didn’t go postal.
    At least Mike Brodeur has no doubt whatsoever where he stands (or sits) with the organization. If you’re looking for a shot at the show, dude…play out your contract and move on. If you can’t get a sniff when the team is falling apart and the goalie is struggling like crazy on a brutal road trip with back to back games, well……….

    Someone contact a magical healer for the injured guys….they are sorely missed.

    • Sacul, fair enough.
      As for Brodeur, same thing occured to me, what was he thinking after the 2nd goal?
      “Do they think I’m THAT bad?”.
      I suspect it is more a case of Clouston being a players coach, not in the buddy buddy sense, but he shows faith in those who have erformed for him. Let’s face it, he can owe much of his current status as an NHL head coach to the play of Elliott last spring, and maybe he’s not about to bail on him in his time of need.
      That being said, if he had a legit alternative, he would have certainly gone to it by now.

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