No Spark

To me, that’s what has been missing from this team, a spark, a youthful enthusiasm.

Look at some of the teams doing well;

CHI, PIT, WSH, and what do you see?  Youth.

Ottawa has turned a corner, it is no longer the inexperienced squad of skilled talent, instead they’re a far more mature, and experienced squad of talent.  And while this pays dividends in some ways, it also may come at the cost of enthusiasm.

Much of this can be attributed to a lack of top talent in the prospect department, but it seems like this team is doing more work than play, and eventually that would wear anyone down.

Is it time to make a move?  Trade a major “experienced” player for more youth?

No, as in all honesty, apart from Alfie, who would truly be a draw to another GM?

And trading Alfie would not be a step forward, IMO.

This is the kind of situation that this team needs to recognize.  The leaders of this team may need to bring more gaiety to the dressing room, management and coaching may need to encourage a bit more “play”.

After the Emery debacle, and the lazy work ethic last year, maybe this team has gone to far in the other direction, as would be the norm, and stopped having fun, too.

You’re not going to take years off, or make mature players forget their families, but maybe a little less work-a-day stress, and a bit more of a relaxed atmosphere could help relax some of the grips.



3 Responses to “No Spark”

  1. GN:

    We’re stuck, no one moves any one of any value till the Trade Deadline!

    We got nobody movable that anybody wants.

    Ya gotta dance with what ya brung…for now!

  2. I sort of agree. If a Lee + Pick trade could yield Filatov, could he play this year or does he have to stay in KHL? A young player like that and the return of Neil would yield insane amounts of spark. However, the spark now is coming from Michalek and Fish – these aren’t the young players anyway. So maybe it’s not an age thing. Maybe they just need Neil back in the lineup.

  3. Agreed, so let’s hope management is doing the best with what they have.

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