A Big Night For Senators.

Without even playing a game, the Sens play-off hopes grew brighter.

On an off night for Ottawa, every team Sens fans wanted to see lose, in regulation, did.

ATL, TBL, PHI, BUF & PIT.  Throw in FLA, albeit in OT, but against a western club.

In a league where 3 point games verges on the norm, not the exception, having the right teams lose, in regulation, is almost as good as a win of your own.




4 Responses to “A Big Night For Senators.”

  1. thank you NJ for taking down the sabres

    props to Brodeur for his shutout tonight too

  2. Pulling all the strings (So ya don't like my MOP?) Says:

    Indeed. I sadly fear tonights game will also be a 3 pointer, just hope the Sens get the OT/SO win.

  3. Yes and a win tonight will be like back to back to back! Ha ha!

    But I have to admit a lot of the faithfull think in these terms…

  4. I noticed that too while watching all the NHL Monday night action. It’s rare that all the stars allign that way…I hope it’s a good sign!

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