Silk Purse Or Sows Ear?

After a game like that, one with a score that entirely flatters the loser, a team is forced to look in the mirror and decide what’s looking back, a silk purse, or a sows ear.

Until recently, the Sens have turned in enough decent performances to consider themselves legitimate play-off contenders, but this recent road swing has been an absolute disaster.  The goaltending has been pedestrian, the defense has been accident prone, the offense has been spotty, at best, and the teams over-all performance has been, in a word, manic.

Far too many shots are going wide, too many opportunities are being squandered on overly heroic efforts, the defense has been caught running around and fumbling the puck, and the goaltending has left any observer thinking any shot on net represents a legitimate scoring opportunity.  Honestly, the team as a whole has been bush-league.

The road swing is almost over, and salvaging even a moral victory is gone, now it’s about maintaining a play-off berth, returning to form, no matter the location, past record, or line-up.

We all knew going into this season that the Sens were going to be in a dog fight for a post season berth.  The relatively strong start may have given this team a swelled head, and now, with those around them putting points up, the Sens must do the same, now.

No starter, a questionable defense, and a hot cold offense may be the situation, but excuses are for losers, and right now, the Sens are full of excuses.



One Response to “Silk Purse Or Sows Ear?”

  1. To paraphrase Dennis Green: The Sens are who we thought they were.

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