‘Nuff Said.

I’ve missed some posts, sorry about that, but I’ve been “on the road again”.

I love blogging, but the feeling guilty for not writing part is a little bizarre, lol!

Ok, so here it goes.

I did catch the two western road games, and although they were losses, they weren’t complete losses on the ice.  Some players really shone (Mich, Fisher), others were o.k (Alfie, Karlsson), while a few were atrocious (Kuba, Elliott).

Look, the fact is, this team has to start getting some points, or they risk being back into the “hopefulls” pack chasing down a play-off berth, verses being comfortably in the mix, as they were when heading out on the road.

All is not lost, this team isn’t a powerhouse so losing a few in a row should not be considered anything unexpected, especially as they were in all of those games, bit a prolonged losing skid, without gaining loser points could cost them a play-off berth when other teams (NYI, TBL) hot on their heels are rarely going without at least a point.  Welcome to the Bettman NHL, where winning doesn’t matter.

This quote, from McKenzie, on the Ottawa Sun says it all;
“The goaltending has been just okay or not quite that on this western swing. It needs to be top shelf. And you’re right on the Spezza and Kovalev stuff. If these guys don’t get going, there’s too much pressure on Michalek and Fisher and Alfie. And let’s be honest, Michalek and Fisher have exceeded all reasonable goal expectations.”

Another big challenge tonight in Phoenix, and going pointless is not an option.



2 Responses to “‘Nuff Said.”

  1. MOP at home Says:

    Indications are it should be a close game, they’ve got the ‘tending, we’ve got the talent. Sens might get a point – 3-2 SO loss is my prediction.

  2. Nice call MOP, got it right outside the shootout part.

    “…and going pointless is not an option.”

    Sadly, on a team where there ae no consquences for the big guns and occasional consequences for guys like Foligno and Regin, losing is an option.
    Most of the guys on the team have long-term deals, no trade clauses and salaries so high they aren’t tradeable.

    The players know this as well. Finishing the season in April just means hitting Kanata Lakes golf for a good tee time.

    Get used to it folks, this team is average and there is no one steering ther ship.

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