Some Good, Some Bad.

Obviously not the result we all wished for, but, considering the competition, not bad either.

SJ is a very good team, a VERY good team, and it showed.

Their ability to dog the puck, control the play, and make plays at high speed was impressive.  They are better than the Sens.

That being said, with a little luck, OTT may well have made that a much closer game, or even have won, but make no mistake, SJ is the better team.

Kovy a tremendous tonight, and is looking more and more at home in Ottawa.  I think he’s over MTL.

Picard still makes me want to weep tears of blood…why is that guy so inept when under pressure?

Shannon has had a couple of stellar games in a row now, and IMO well deserves time on the second line.  He’s skating hard, dogging the puck, and getting off shots.

Spezza…man, you are struggling.  The harder you try, the worse it gets.  We just gotta wait it out, he’ll come around, trust me, all great players do, and Giggles is a great player.

Mich, you took the sting out of that loss, and left every Sen fan feeling just fine with the return for Dany “Headcase” Heatley.

In fact, I think we won the deal, honestly.

Karlsson showed he’s still raw, but he showed more poise under pressure than a certain other Dman, and if he keeps this up, may well have to choose between the NHL and the WJC.

Yeah, a win sure would have been nice, but if nothing else, maybe the Sens can leave that game with the knowledge that, if they want to improve, it will take hard work, and dogged determination to reach the next level, ’cause that was what SJ brought to that game.



3 Responses to “Some Good, Some Bad.”

  1. Pulling all the strings (So ya don't like my MOP?) Says:

    Other comments I’ve read are saying Milan and Kovalev came to play, but the others were a little flat or played with a little less drive than they should. I never expected Michalek to have 15 goals by now – thats a 45-50 goal pace. Not saying he’ll hit that mark, but 35 would be fantastic and 20 in the next 57 is not an overly tall order. He is the gold in that Heatley deal. Too bad we couldn’t have gotten Ehrhoff instead of Cheechoo maybe our D would be better for it.

    Spezza seems to have taken a Vinnie Lecavalier type of slide. A large part of it could be the lack of power plays too. Imagine how many more points he’d have with 2 more power plays per game than the team has been averaging. 50 more means 10 or 12 more goals on a clicking powerplay. 3 or 4 goals that (would have been his in a past season). 30-40% of his points are usually PP points. Shooting percentage at 4% too. He’s off a bit, teams getting less powerplays. Major factors.

    Players that need to improve to propel this team – especially on the road – Spezza, Kovalev and Cheechoo. Not saying their play has been overly bad, but on the score sheet they need to start showing.

    Interesting thing to note about the 3 – the common knock is the s word – ‘skating’.

  2. Shannon was on fire last night in the second period. He was beating everyone to the puck, using speed to beat players on the outside…if he keeps it up I can see him sticking with Kovalev and fisher for a while.

    Winchester, the TOP faceoff guy we have, went 50% last night, but was only put out there against the top faceoff team inthe league 4 times…and everyone else got lit up!

    2 goals seemed to develop from two of our players running into one another… just frustrating.

  3. Pulling all the strings (So ya don't like my MOP?) Says:

    Yeah, Shannon has been frustrating to watch (but not for his play). He’s a little dynamo – every game I’ve watched him he’s charging, cycling, flying – you name it. Too bad some bounces haven’t gone his way. Maybe trying too hard? Perhaps a few more games with Fisher and Kovalev will help, but to me Foligno has a better finish. We’ve had his type before – I’m thinking Steve Martins. Here’s hoping Kovalev has turned a corner and finally gets going.

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