Garrioch is the latest to speculate Brian Lee’s days are numbered within this organization.

I don’t doubt this.

Lee has been on a Yo-Yo string for the last few years, and likely feels his hopes for making a regular pay-check in the NHL are limited should remain a Senator.  Garrioch believes Lee would welcome the separation.

I don’t doubt this either.

What would the Sens want in return?

A current or future top 6 forward.

So let’s do a quick tour around the league, and see who might be willing to deal, and what the Sens would hope to land.

I’m just talking here…no need to read anything into this.

Carolina.  With a terrible record, a fan base beyond fickle, and the recent loss of their top offensive Dman, Carolina is desperate.

The Offer;

Lee, SJ 2nd


Zach Boychuk

Montreal.  The losses are pilling up, the latest a humiliating home defeat to the inept Leafs.  What to do?  Trading Latendresse, and Chipchurra aren’t going to solve the malaise.  Not that acquiring Lee would do anything either.

Lee for Ben Maxwell


Lee, Cheechoo For A. Kostitsyn.

Columbus.  A team in need of defensemen for sure, and are reportedly willing to move a forward to address this.  There’s a trade history here, so the lines of communication are open, if nothing else.

Lee For Blunden

Coyotes.  They have been on the look-out for a Dman, but apart from his salary, I’m not sure Lee would fit the bill.

Lee for Bret Maclean

Kings.  This is a team going for it, but they still need some depth, particularly of the experienced 2-way kind to truly compete at the top level.

Lee, Kelly, Foligno For Frolov

Chicago.  O.k., this ones been beaten to death, but it remains obvious something will be done in order to address the “tagging” issues.

Lee, Kelly, Foligno For Byfuglien

Remember, just talk here.



20 Responses to “Lee-ving?”

  1. Dallas – Lee for Steve Ott
    Carolina – Lee + Kelly for Whitney
    Columbus – Lee + Ruutu + 2nd for Filatov
    Ducks – Lee + Foligno + 1st for Ryan


  2. Filatovs the one I hope we pursue the most.

    Id even hope we improve that package in an attempt to get him.

  3. Seriously? Everyone’s going nuts for Filatov but we’re talking about a guy who just left the country because he wasn’t getting enough ice time.

    I don’t even think that he could get back into the NHL without going through waivers or something.

  4. I love how people value different players.
    Ruutu, IMO, is untouchable. Last year I’dve taken a roll of tape for him, but this season he’s been a beast, at both ends of the ice.
    Lee for Ott? Sure, in that Ott provides good depth and would command a decent return at the deadline, should he be moved. But from a strategic stand-point, he is hardly strategic (Ruutu, Winchester, Neil, Bass).
    Filatov?…nope. The kid may be good, but unless it was a one for one for Lee, I’d pass. Once a player defects, they’re always a flight risk, they’ve shown their willingness to opt out of the “team” concept.
    Ryan? Hell, if it took Lee, Kelly, Foligno and a 1st, & SJ 2nd I’d do it. Then sign him to a 5 yr/20M deal. Failing that, play his ass of for a season, then take the offer sheet picks.
    Ryan – Spezza – Alfie would be lights out together, then Mich – Fish – Kovy…scary good offense.


  5. I wouldn’t put Cheechoo in any trade rumours, no team in their right mind would take him.

    He’ll either finish his contract here, be bought out or possibly claimed off re-entry waivers a la Schubert.

    Filatov would be a great but risky acquisition, assuming the Jackets would give him up. I’d imagine they’d ask for far more than Lee though.

    • Not a rumour Chris, just armchair GM talk.
      Maybe, as the money matches, Gainey would be willing to send a message by shipping out Kos, and bringing in a player that atleast consistently works hard. But I’m not insinuating there’s anything to it, just talk on an off day.

  6. I’m sorry yes it’s just archair GM talk.

    Still I don’t think we can get rid of him that easy, at best we’ll get another $3M underachiever in which case we’ll be no better off.

    Plus I think Bryan Murray is too nice to just ditch him like that, look how long he kept Gerber for.

    I’d also think the Habs would ship out Sergei before his brother.

    Great trade ideas though, I think BM is still evaluating the team to see what needs to be done, he’ll be watching to see what impact Karlsson has on the team (namely the PP). He looked good against the Sharks.

  7. Man, Isn’t that too much for Frolov? and definitely too much for Byfuglien.

    Lee, Kelly, and SJ 2nd rd for Frolov

    Lee for Byfuglien

    Lee, Kelly, Campoli for Sharp?

  8. Woozle man Says:

    With the Chicago big 3 contract extensions going down tomorrow, I’m excited to see what happens trade-wise. Hope BM comes up trumps!

  9. Pulling all the strings (So ya don't like my MOP?) Says:

    Nix the forward trades – won’t happen. Hell we’re loaded up front already.
    We need a solid pairing D. While I’d love to see Sharp – we are loaded with Centres and second liners. Although he plays wing and would probably make a great line with Fisher and Kovalev or Foligno. I can’t see an impact forward coming in without 2 going out.

    Chicago looks to be the trading partner most want to pick apart, since it looks like their cap is tied up in 8 or 9 players.

    Barker, “Buflen”, Versteeg are all 3Mil-ish and signed for 2 more years. So make reasonable trade bait.

    We may have to endure another year of Kovalev and Cheechoo – but that year is a contract year for both. Both should be playing lights out next year if they want to continue in the NHL, so we may be in for a treat if we hang on.

    Otherwise, Cheechoo might get a look from somebody as a 900K 4th liner. And Kovalev will be forced to take 1M from MTL for a year so he can execute his retirement plan.

    Sadly, I’m looking forward to 2011-2012 when both are gone for sure.

    The funny thing is the Olympics are from Feb 12-28, and the trade deadline is March 3. Will GMs hold off trades until after the Olympics? If so those 3 days could be quite hectic. Why take the risk and trade for a guy who could be injured at the Olympics and not be healed in time to make an impact?

    I was thinking we might not see many trades until after the Olympics, but after checking the dates, I’m going the other way – we may see a flurry of trades soon or by Mid January at the latest. The Olympic rosters will be named by then.

  10. Pulling all the strings (So ya don't like my MOP?) Says:

    I know I’m often quick to dump on Kovalev, but it looks like his playoff numbers are solid – may be an asset if the Sens get there. While we are on the armchair GM kick why not put a call in to Martin Straka and see if he’ll come over for a stint with a former team. Maybe he could centre a line with Kovalev and rediscover some former magic with L’Enigma they had in Pittsburgh.

    Chirpy’s gang are dreaming Selanne’s, Jokinen’s and Filatov’s. Apparently an earth moving announcement was to have been made yesterday too. I didn’t feel a tremor – did you?

    While Selanne would be a good finisher for Kovalev, that one has a less than Eklund probability of happening. Although, just because the probability is zero, doesn’t mean it can’t happen.

  11. GelatinousMutantCoconut Says:

    I know I posted this before…but since this article deals with possible trade scenarios:

    To Montreal:
    Alex Kovalev
    Alex Picard

    To Ottawa:
    Jaroslav Spacek
    Max Pacioretty

    I’d rather keep Lee around, He’s the only defenseman in the minors with NHL experience…which makes him a valuable call-up option for injuries.

    I would be happy with this line-up:



    I say that’s a play-off team. With potential to maybe upset a team or two in the play-offs. Certainly more grit than maybe any Sens team past. And that’s important come April/May/June. Not lacking in skill either, though certainly less pure talent than in the past. But the grit/work ethic makes up for that.

    Compare that line-up to the 2007 Finals line-up:

    Michalek-Spezza-Alfredsson vs Heatley-Spezza-Alfredsson
    Michalek is on pace for close to 50. Even if he doesn’t reach it, he’s faster, better defensively, and has better work ethic than Heatley. Spezza seems to be having a harder time putting up points, but that’s because he doesn’t have the same natural chemistry with Milan. However, his new defensive conscious is an improvement, once that becomes more natural to him, hopefully he’ll put the same effort into improving his offensive game. Points won’t just come to him now, he has to work for them.

    Foligno-Fisher-Shannon/Cheechoo vs Schaefer-Fisher-Comrie

    Foligno isn’t exactly having the breakthrough offensive season we were hoping for, but he works hard and is gritty. He certainly has more upside than Schaefer had, though he hasn’t reached Peters career high numbers yet (But certainly has the ability to do so). Fisher was one of our best forwards in the 07 run, and he’s playing even better this year. Shannon/Cheechoo together probably don’t equal Comrie’s production, so the right side on this line is a bit weaker.

    Pacioretty-Regin-Winchester vs Vermette-Kelly-Neil

    Perhaps it’s more fair to compare this line with the 07’s 4th line, as the two Chris’s are still with us, albeit on the 4th line. In that case, I definitly give Max, Peter and Jesse the nod over Schubert-McAmmond-Eaves/Saprykin. Younger and less experienced, the current unit has more offensive upside, grit and is as good defensivley.

    Ruutu-Kelly-Neil vs Schubert-McAmmond-Saprykin

    Ok, as I said. maybe it’s fairer to compare this line to the third line of 07. In that case, the only difference is Ruutu substituting for Vermette. Less offense, but more grit, intensity and consistency.

    Spacek-Phillips vs Redden-Meszaros

    Considering that Redden was already on a downslide and Meszaros has been unable to match his first year performance (Well, In Ottawa he was close points-wise, but since being traded has struggled in all areas), I would take the reliability and experience of Spacek over either of them. He went to the Conference finals three years in a row, making it to the final round in the first year. He’s having a solid year for a medicore Habs team. Phillips provides a steady defensive anchor to let Spacek open his game up a bit, as well as some grit.

    Kuba-Volchenkov vs Phillips-Volchenkov

    Ok, so Kuba is a bit of a downgrade from Phillips in terms of shutdown ability, but he can move the puck and put up some points. Volchenkov is the perfect partner because he’s everything Kuba isn’t, and vice-versa. They would complement each other perfectly.

    Karlsson/Lee/Campoli-Carkner vs Corvo-Preissing

    Certainly a downgrade offensively, Karlsson/Lee/Campoli all have potential to play a Corvo-like role, but Erik and Brian could at least be more reliable in their own zone. Carkner meanwhile brings tons of grit to the pairing, which was seen as a trait lacking in 07. He’s steady enough defensively to equal Preissing, who was seemingly a product of a good team defense.

    All in all, I could see this line-up upsetting a team or two in the play-offs, but not going all the way. I certainly see it as an improvement though.

  12. GelatinousMutantCoconut Says:

    If my last comment wasn’t long enough, I have more to add

    John Jaeckel over at HockeyBuzz wrote a blog today about how the Hawks blue-line needs mobility on the back-end. Here’s where the Sens have something the Leafs don’t: some puck-moving depth.

    Actually, there’s room here for both teams to make a deal with the Hawks.

    • GelatinousMutantCoconut Says:

      One of those sentences was redundant. I apologise.

      If Stan Bowman is of similar mind to JJ, how about these trades:

      Ottawa Gets:
      Cam Barker

      Chicago Gets:
      Brian Lee

      Or, if on the unlikely chance Murray decides to take my suggestion and trade Kovalev and Picard for Pacioretty and Spacek:

      Ottawa Gets:
      Kris Versteeg/Dustin Byfuglien

      Chicago gets:
      Brian Lee

      Toronto Gets:
      Brent Sopel, 2nd rdp

      Chicago gets:
      Jonas Frogren

      Leafs take on salary, but obtain a draft pick.
      Frogren us not a lot to give up.

      Chicago dumps salary, and brings in an experienced (Ok, not NHL experienced, but he did put in a lot of mileage in Sweden and internationally)defensive defenseman. I don’t know how mobile he is, but have you ever heard of a swede who couldn’t skate?

  13. IMO, any trade including Cheechoo is beyond ridiculous. There just is not another situation like the Heatley Hostage taking that could force a deal with that kind of contract. Any owner would promptly fire his GM. Can’t we just make a deal to stop talking about him unless it’s about being a healthy scratch or bought out this summer?
    I also think that deals involving multiple players from one team are quite unlikely. If you look at all the deals that have gone through, rarely is a team able to take 3 players…or even 2 if one of them has a medium to large contract. Again, the Heatley Hostage taking is the exception.
    With teams up against the cap and non-spending teams not really in a position to ante up, deals this year are usually one-for-one or involve draft picks. It’s not enough for a trade to be “salary neutral”, the number or NHL roster spots involved is significant as well.
    I think if a guy like Lee moves, it’s likely for a pick. The other option is the “our underperforming prospect for your underperforming prospect” trade that has been made a few times recently. The hope that a fresh start will spark a guy is all GMs can hang their hat on, sometimes.
    With 7 or 8 teams looking for the same thing Bryan Murray is (a 3-4 D-Man), I think he’s in tough to make any kind of significant deal.

  14. Nick Rebelo Says:

    To Minny: Lee
    To Ottawa: Tyler Cuma

  15. Pulling all the strings (So ya don't like my MOP?) Says:

    You know, Foligno’s scratch last night is even more odd considering he is +5 and has the same number of goals as Cheechoo and Spezza combined. Good shooting percentage too. Maybe using him on the PP more and getting him to scoring areas is something CC is missing. But wait he can’t do those things from the press box.
    Maybe something else was afoot (like a pending trade involving Lee and Foligno). Why the hell was Keller in and Foligno out? I just don’t buy that it was a wake up call, especially since there are at least 3 guys with bigger salaries who need the wake up more.

  16. IMHO, there’s no trade brewing and the truth is much more boring.

    Players are being scratched (Foligno, Campoli) because CC is a hard-ass and he’s not happy with how they’re playing. Karlsson was brought up because he was lights out in Bingo and needed to be rewarded. Lee was sent down because he has a two-way deal and hadn’t done enough to beat out Picard.

    Murray’s still trying to figure out how good his team is before he makes any moves. I don’t see him making a move until after Christmas.

    Chicago is not shopping Barker. They are looking to unload Sopel and a draft pick for a prospect. Ottawa doesn’t have either the cap space or the interest in Sopel for anything to happen.

    Columbus may or may not be shopping Filatov in February. It becomes much more likely if they need a piece for a playoff run, but they’ll want a proven NHLer in return not a tweener like Lee.

    If Lee gets moved, it’ll be later on in the year if we decide not to re-sign him. I doubt we get anything more than a low-level prospect or a mid-round draft pick (see Chipchura trade).

  17. Anything is possible when a team has to make moves. Ottawa does not have to make moves, unless they feel they are legitimately at risk of missing the post season.
    CAR, CHI have to make moves.

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