The “Story”

This is all I’m going to say about the storyline for tonights game.

Heatley left because he thought he was being “over-looked” on the Senators.

Expect those who were “above” him in the pecking order to have big games.

They know who they are.



6 Responses to “The “Story””

  1. The story line…it’s Thornton/Boyle/15 vs Fish/#4/#24…5on5 and 5on4…

  2. Woozle man Says:

    Campoli’s a scratch. Phillichenkov returns I expect, and Canucnik may be happy to see Kubarlsson as he predicted. Picarkner rounds out the final pairing.

  3. Woozle man that’s why I drank my Crown Royal straight!.

    Hugo’s going to have “Erik” for xmas but Karlsson and Kuba have to score or at least create offence because Mr. Kuba will have his arse full takin’ care of business back there on Defence!

  4. GN:

    Remember our discussion of the American League…I guess Erik told Alf… “Get me to your house or I’m going back home after the World Jrs!”

    No one in their right mind plays in the “A” if they don’t have to…especially the Euros as they know it’s a grave yard for smaller Russians and Swedes.

  5. GN:

    You are right! Hugo’s Special “K” goes to Regina as big time NHL DEFENCEMAN…a top pair type guy!

    I thought of that after I commented… Carkner doesn’t mind Campy and Kuba likes Pic over there on his left but Greg, who is improving by observation and working short handed under the gun, knows it’s Pic’s speed and endurance that gives the “Chaperone!” that fresh and ready look to any would be enforcer antics.

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