Ballard…What To Do?

I believe Ballard should be disciplined for his stick swinging incident.

Not suspended, but a fine.

And I believe this sort of display (stick swinging) needs to be cracked down on.

It happens too often, it looks terrible, is not acceptable behaviour, and has the potential to injure on every occurence.

Add, the kicker, it has absolutely ZERO value, and it has to be addressed.

Nothing against Ballard, he is certainly not the only one to do this, in fact, every player does, and it has to be eliminated from the game.



2 Responses to “Ballard…What To Do?”

  1. as stupid as it was,you have to believe this guy feels like the lowest piece of crap.

  2. Absolutely, no way he meant to do that, no way he did anything that every other player in the league hasn’t done.
    But, it has to be stopped, it’s just sooo stupid.

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