Sometimes A Dream Is Just A Dream

At least that’s what the Sens are saying about Lee.

Make no mistake, his “demotion” was not just a depth move.

A trade is coming, and Lee is the focal point.

Look to see a big bodied top 6F coming our way in return.

No deal is “done”, but I’m told one is agreed to in principal, or very close, but awaiting the return of Volchy before the trigger gets pulled.  Now, in the meantime, the other party could get cold feet, or get a better offer, so, as has been clearly, and accurately pointed out, until the league signs the deal, there ain’t no deal.

Many have speculated on the recent move to demote Lee, and it is not merely a matter of cap room, or waiver eligibility.

It has become apparent that Lee has been tagged “expendable” to this organization.

His recent call up was a last chance for him to show the skill to be an impending top 4 guy, but it was determined that, if this is even possible, he would likely never have the chance due to blueline depth.

Basically, with Picard, Campoli, Carkner, and Lee, someone has to sit, and sitting, and development do not go hand in hand.

So the reasonable route, considering next years blueline hopefuls (Karlsson, Cowen) is to move Lee before facing the prospect of resigning him, or losing him for nothing.

Right now, his expiring contract, waiver status, 2 way contract, ability to play in the NHL, and future potential all make him an interesting player for a club to consider in moving a salary off of the books.  Add to this the SJ 2nd, and you have yourself the makings for a decent deal.

Look to see Karlsson soon back to Bingo with the impending return of Volchy.  Probably once the club gets back home, trade or no trade.

Future developments not withstanding…of course!



16 Responses to “Sometimes A Dream Is Just A Dream”

  1. GN:

    You go over and sit with the Chirp…Bryan is caught in his own procrastination…everyone is playing just well enough to keep…that’s from Kelly, Winchester and the other forwards to Campoli and Picard…Lee just got beat out (His contract had a lot to do with it) cause the “PUP” has to play with Kuba and he has to play now!

    Note: We gotta cary that extra D-man and count Lee as number 2 that’s OK also!

  2. Nik…it’s done.

  3. What? A trade is done?

  4. Billy Bob Thornton Says:

    We are getting a T6F for this guy? Seems like a stretch.

  5. How could we get a top 6 forward for just Lee? It’s not just the player quality I’m questioning but the cap logistics as well. Who else is going with him?

  6. Nothing is done until the “Shawville Pontiac” sings…

  7. GelatinousMutantCoconut Says:

    I’m guessing more than Lee would be involved.

    Whether a deal is done or not, I’d like to see this move follow/happen anyway:

    To Montreal:
    Alex Kovalev
    Alex Picard

    To Ottawa:
    Jaroslav Spacek
    Max Pacioretty

    The Habs get their ‘star’ back, and he gives them a bit more offensive punch (his heart is still in Montreal, I’m guessing he’ll be a bit more motivated wearing le bleu, blanc et rouge). Picard is coming into his own a bit, and while he doesn’t replace Spacek, he helps ease the loss.

    The Senators get what they desperately need, a true top 4 defenseman who can log big minutes, help out the powerplay, etc. This allowed Erik Karlsson to come up slower, and maybe play on the third pairing. Pacioretty could fit on the third line, and has (yet unrealized) offensive potential.



  8. from what you heard;
    -is it a one for one trade?
    -also lee didn’t suit up for bingo cause of the flu…seems like they don’t want an injury that could axe the deal
    -is it for anyone mentioned in the past? (he said a few times that he liked Campoli months before actually getting him)


  9. Woozle man Says:

    A top 6F for Brian Lee eh? Where will this guy play in our top 6? And who is it? And if it’s done, why is it not announced? Call me Skeptical man.

  10. Let me clarify.
    What is “done” is Lee’s future with this club. Sorry for the teaser, it wasn’t on purpose.
    There has been discussion involving Lee, and some suggest a deal is impending. A top6F is the desire, especially one with jam to his game.
    Other players on very thin ice are those which have cycled in and out of the top 6.
    The fact remains, this club is very deep in the bottom 6, and 3, and is trying to turn this depth into an asset in the top groupins, whether on defense or forward.
    The focus right now is on the forward ranks, although I’m not sure I would agree…maybe it has to do with prospect depth, and if so, I can understand the concern about the next 3 years as the Sens are pretty dry in this department.

    • Woozle man Says:

      GN: do you have an idea of which teams might be willing to give up a top 6 f for Lee + roster player?

      I’d suspect LAK and CAR based on their records and injury status, but that’s pure speculation. In particular, LAK would probably be willing to move Frolov (hasn’t done much for them lately) and Carolina might be willing to move Brind’amour or Whitney (because they need to make their lineup work somehow).


      • Chicago remains the most motivated to make a move.
        LAK are ready to do something, but LA management are difficult to deal with.
        Been told the ‘Yotes as a strong possibility, FWIW.

  11. Don’t forget they can always plug in holes on the free agent market just as they did with Kovalev.The biggest worry in a couple of years is how to replace Alfredsson.

  12. any proof of any of this?

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