Depth Charge.

A big, big team win.

Playing in a road to home back to back game, missing a host of top players (Fisher, Volchenkov, Leclaire), the Sens defeat the league 6th best Columbus Blue Jackets.

It may not have been a work of art, but it was certainly work, and lots of it, that secured this win.

Top among an elite group was Jarko Ruutu.  He was a terror out there.  Hitting, making plays, and playing defense like his life was on the line.  That was one of the most complete games I’ve ever seen a role player put in the books.    You made an impact every shift, and that is beyond impressive.  16:35 ATOI, 5:48 SH…OUTSTANDING!

Elliott, sweet Jesus, are you really that good?  Because if you are, Ottawa may well have the deepest goaltending in the NHL.  You were athletic, agile, and a battler, on a night that you had to be.  Lets face it, if Elliott had layed an egg tonight, this team would have been shattered when looking at a long road trip without their #1 goaltender.  Instead they likely feel Elliott’s more of a good luck charm than a short term fill in.  Els, that was inspiring to watch, you had me on my feet all night.  Sick good.

Spezza…phew.  Keep letting that shot go, it’s an arrow, and the more you do, the more room you’ll make for yourself down low.  Buddy, with a shot like that, it won’t be long before you have Dmen backing up whenever you cross the blueline.  Keep ’em guessing, and scared.  Jason, you have the skills for the job, just use them, all of them. 75% of the players in the league would kill to have your shot, why not use it?  BTW, great 2 way game, again.

Winnie, loved that game.  Awesome forecheck, solid effort, and some outstanding plays, at both ends of the ice.  58% in the face off circle, 6 hits, 2 assists, +1, and 15:07 in ice time.  I think you’ve found your comfort zone.

Kovy.  More, more, MORE!  That was beyond entertaining.  You’re a beast when you decide to be, and I love it.

As for the officiating, a bit of a anomaly tonight, being a one man show, but the PP +/- remained in negative territory at 6-4.  I’m not going to comment anymore, I’ve said my peace, but I will continue to track and post the PP +/- stat, if for nothing more than the dillusion it’s keeping someone honest.

Pack your bags boys, the roads a callin’.



5 Responses to “Depth Charge.”

  1. In terms of the officiating we definitely had a big one go our way when Jarko ran Chimera into the boards without a call. That of course led to the elbowing penalty that gave ottawa the PP.

  2. The officiating was still one-sided against the Sens. They got away with one (Ruutu), CBJ got away with 8 or 9. Aaaannnnywwwaayyyys.
    I’m really impressed that some guys are stepping up. No Donovan-Neil-Fisher is a massive amount of grit to lose for the forward group. I knew Winnie could be solid but now I’m wondering if he has a whole other level.
    No-one is really talking about the fact that the Sens D is doing a really good job of defending without Volchenkov. I read so many posts about Picard being garbage, Carkner being a slow AHL goon, Campoli being a waste of space, Lee being a baby-faced fraidy-cat….Well? The low goals against lately means this crew is finding ways to get it done. I still don’t think anyone will be fooled into thinking this is some top-notch back end, but the Columbus D made a lot more boo-boos than Ottawa’s in this game. It will still be a lot less stressful when Volchy comes back and hopefully Murray finds some way to get a legit 3-4 guy.
    Has anyone ever seen a team miss so many open nets? From Picard to Spezza to Kovalev to Kuba….this is getting ridiculous! Apparently the ice was horrible, as it often is, we’re told….so maybe that didn’t help. Did SBP hire the Florida guys or something?

  3. What mystifies me is that the refs call the softies – the ones where there is zero tolerance i.e. where one player puts a glove or a stick on the other player that does not actually impede play but misses hits from behind (eg Ruutu on Chimera) – also it is so inconsistent – Spezza and Alfreddson were hacked time and again whenever they rushed the puck

    I know this sounds like homer whining but the stats are clear – Ottawa clearly gets penalized more than other teams and they are hardly the Ducks or the Flyers when it comes to physicality

    I’m just saying

  4. Pulling all the strings (So ya don't like my MOP?) Says:

    This is what happens when a team comes together. It’s been mentioned all along about finding an identity, gelling and getting some chemistry. This is what it looks like. Now if they could find a way to take it up a notch on the road (move from .500 to .550) while keeping home performance at or near .700, the team will not only make the playoffs but become dare I say, a contender.

    I also like the way Winchester and Shannon have been playing. It’s crazy to imagine the roll this team could get on if those guys start finding the back of the net. Alfie seems to have cooled a bit but at least these guys have got the energizers on board.

    Keller didn’t look too out of place either. Bingo appears loaded with Winchester, Regin types. Depth certainly isn’t an issue. There might not be tonnes of finesse and talent, but the shelves are certainly stocked with spark plugs.

  5. Excellent Statistical Penalty Table…very telling…we need a Title like “the Truth!” or “20 game trends don’t lie!” Again well done!

    The “Bookies” must love this cause Sens fans and Montrealers bet with their hearts! The Tranna guys always want (and get) the edge!

    Good early call on Winchester…ya got to give CiCi credit if you show a little…he puts ya back out there. #18 looks ready for more!

    Looking forward to Boston…hope the Zebras don’t ruin it with the Homer Saturday Night call!”

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