Murray’s Call Out The Officials.

Look, a team takes a big risk going after the officials.  To publically comment on officiating is a league mandated “No, No”.

But sometimes, when you think you’re getting, as Tim Murray put it, “screwed”, keeping your mouth shut isn’t helping either.

The first kick at this was to ask the players to keep the post penalty chatter to a minimum.  This was a result of feedback from the head of officiating after the TB game, which saw TB given the lions share of calls.

So the management made a public statement to their players “shut it”.  And they did.

The results?

Little change.  The calls against continued to be inexplicably lop-sided.  I do mean inexplicably.  I’m right out claiming this is not legitimate officiating.  This is about officials choosing to ignore calls favouring of Ottawa.

So let’s test my theory that the officials operate with impunity.  My bet is that nothing will change, in fact, I would expect the ratio to remain the same, only the Sens will get more PP’s, but also get more PK’s.  The refs will cover their ass by calling penalties against Sens opposition, but will maintain the over-all lopsided distribution of power-plays.

In another interesting note, T. Murray called out Fraser specifically, as having performed questionably when officiating Ottawa matches.  When Fraser, the leagues #1 official can do it, what sort of message does that send to the rest?

The big question remains, why?  Why are officials targeting Ottawa, because make no mistake, they conclusive evidence says they are.



8 Responses to “Murray’s Call Out The Officials.”

  1. They are ‘targeting’ (I don’t believe they are, as a fan) the Sens because our GM was one of the biggest ref-baiters in franchise history. They are ‘targeting’ us because we have Neil and Ruutu on the team, that always chirp and bait. They are ‘targeting’ us because Clouston is a rookie and doesn’t have the years in this league to call out the refs.

    We (IE Murrays and the players) need to stop with the refs. Just go out and play. We’re not getting calls because we’re a slow team that doesn’t draw other teams into taking penalties.

    We’re average and average teams don’t get a lot of calls for them.

    • 10th best P% in the league is not “average”.
      11th best G/G in the league is not “average”.
      30th in PIM/g in the league is not “average”.
      29th in PP +/- in the league is not “average”.
      29th in PP/g for in the league is not “average”.

      Do the math Steve, the spread of the PP for and against bares out the observational evidence that this team is not getting calls for.
      You think you they have the 10th best record in the NHL, 2nd least number of power-plays/G, and most penalties minutes against/G, because they’re “average” and slow?
      Intuitively just think about that;
      8th in TSH/g + 29th in PPOpp/g + 1st in PIM’s/g = 10th best record in the league?
      How you look at that stat and conclude Ottawa is “average” is beyond comprehension.
      And I’m not talking about a minor PP for and against spread here, this is a differential beyond the norm, wayyyy beyond the norm, into the “freak” category. When you have 100’s of games, involving 30 teams, as data points, an outlyer, like Ottawas PP for and against ratio is impossible, without a clear and conclusive rogue variable.
      I’ve watched hockey for years, and not just Sens, all teams, thousands of hours worth, and I do not see the play of the Senators being “rogue” in terms of speed, or “illegal”. So if this isn’t the cause (and again, I’m not talking marginally worse than other teams, I’m talking PROFOUNDLY worse) what is the “rogue” variable? The only other options are bad luck, or bad officiating. 20+ games in, that would have to be one hell of a lot of bad luck.
      I guess they’re scoring goals and winning games because of good luck, but are not getting calls because of bad luck, right?
      As for you “average teams don’t get calls theory”…try these FACTS.

      (P% rank) – Team – PP/Opp – (PP rank) – PP Opp. F/A-Game

      (30th) – CAR – 107 (2nd) – -0.21
      (29th) – TOR – 91 (17th) – -0.044
      (28th) – MIN – 99 (9th) – +0.43
      (27th) – ANA – 90 (19th) – -0.74
      (26th) – EDM – 104 (3rd) – +0.64
      (10th) – OTT – 72 (29th) – -1.09

      Notice any odd correlations there? See anything to support your “average team, fewer calls” theory?
      Carolina, arguably the slowest, least skilled (currently) team in the league, has earned the 2nd highest number of penalty calls for.
      Seems odd, wouldn’t you say?
      Do you think Carolina is playing in such a manner, with their league worst record, to earn 36.4% more PP’s/for a game than Ottawa?

      But sure, that theory is definitely more believable than selective officiating.
      But I guess facts are irrelevant when compared to impression.

      p.s. the other team that deserves some recognition for bad officiating is MTL, they actually have the worst PP +/- in the league, and anyone accusing them of being “slow” needs to have their head examined.
      What I can’t find, and wish I knew, is the gross team PP TOI vs PK TOI. I don’t think this stat is hidden by mere coincidence.

    • Woozle man Says:

      Frankly, your argument lacks evidence. Sensay has compiled some stats that argue against your claim that the ‘average’ sens aren’t getting calls because they aren’t forcing other teams to take penalties. Spezza, Michalek, Shannon, Regin, Winchester, Donovan, Alfredsson and Neil are all above average skaters. Our defense is another story, but our forwards should be generating more offensive zone PP opportunities than are being awarded.

  2. Steve, apparently you don’t actually watch Sens play, so don’t call yourself a fan. There were 3 or 4 blatant non-calls against NJ (and every other team, really) and this doesn’t include calls like hooking, holding, obstruction. Every single game the other team is favoured in terms of PP’s. I, along with most others, aren’t complaining about the majority of calls against the Sens, it is the ones they don’t get called for them that are blatant.

  3. And of course, not even the ‘speculation of the possibility’ would ever make it into mainstream newspapers or mainstream radio and tv sports talk shows. To merely suggest that the officials have any sort of agenda is about the worst thing anyone could ever do in and around the NHL; you guys just have to shut up, man up and keep playing every game knowing, with near certainty, that you will be shorthanded more than your opponent.

  4. Dutch Treat Says:

    Derrick, you put it best. There’s an agenda but there’s nothing you can do about it. You think Murray is going to illicit any sympathy from other GMs about his plight? Nope, because those lopsided calls help them.

    Just practice your PK. It’ll be a better use of your time.

    F#ck these refs.

  5. Not really sure what team Steve is watching. Ottawa’s got a lot of speed in the top six, and they play an attacking game based on forechecking and puck possession. Should be ample amounts of penalty drawing going on.

    Instead, the Refs are even missing the blatant calls… high stick to Ruutu.

  6. Steve…. na, forget it.

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