Sens Must Avoid Ride In Whaambulance.

O.k., the injuries are starting to pile up.

Leclair is eating through a straw, Volchy has a torqued elbow, Chum has a wonky knee, Kovy is dealing with personal issues, Spezza is fighting a nagging back lower-body injury, Alfie is banged up, Neiler and Carks each have one eye blackened shut.

And now Fisher seems likely to will miss tonight’s grind vs. the Devils.  Bingo call up Ryan Keller will fill his spot on the second line.

So who is this kid?

At 5′-10″/ 190 lbs he’s a smallish right shot forward having a wildfire year in Bingo (leading AHL scorer), after returning to NA after 2 productive seasons in the FNL (Finland).

This was a Murray signing made late last season, that most people over-looked as a depth deal.  But the word out of the Senators at the time was that they felt Ryan had a chance to assume a top 6 role in the NHL, if he set his mind to it.  Well, if his performance in the A is any indication, he has set his mind to it.

Well here’s his chance.

Keller has been a prolific scorer in the FNL, is now the leading scorer in the AHL, and, after never having been drafted, is finally getting his chance to claim a spot on an NHL roster.

If I were Regin, Shannon or Foligno I’d be worried, and bring my A game.

But Ottawa needs to use this injury situation as a challenge, not an excuse.  All teams face it, and those that over-come by finding ways to win, make the play-offs.  This isn’t bad luck, it’s the norm, and now Ottawa has to prove they are a legit play-off team, not just a team that, when healthy, can defeat teams who are not.



4 Responses to “Sens Must Avoid Ride In Whaambulance.”

  1. Fact Checker Says:

    hey GN,
    I believe Spezza’s issue is his knee, just an FYI.

  2. Hey FC, really? Nice, any link to that?

  3. what’s ailing fish ??

  4. Unclear to me, says it was a fluke incident at practice yeaterday…

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