Sens Opponent Perfect…Again.

Sens face another perfect opponent.  So perfect in fact, they never once commit a foul.

Oh, they hooked, held, high-sticked, elbowed, charged and interferred all night, but legally, I guess.

Trust me, I’m not the only one pointing this out, and I don’t mean in the bloggosphere.

Clouston “I thought we played very well. They had (four) power chances and we had none.”…”we worked hard, I guess I don’t know what were supposed to do to get calls…”

B.S. officiating, and the blood on the ice from multiple highsticks proves otherwise, meh, highstick, smistick, the Refs we’re probably too busy trying to get an autograph from Brodeur to notice.

I sure hope this officiating is fixed against Ottawa, because if the reality is that the Refs are trying to call an even game…well, that’s just frightening to imagine.  Personally, I don’t buy it, something is going on.

Ottawa remains the most frequently short handed club, and the least frequently on the power-play, but I’m sure, after multiple games whereby they had no short handed opportunities, this is all due to the 8th best team in the league just not working hard enough to draw penalties…

Actually, I’m sure it’s not a coincidence, absolutely, emphatically, convinced.

There is something going on whereby the officials feel comfortable “missing” calls they catch the other way.  This is about selective calls, not cheap calls.  I have no problem with the calls against.

The fact of the matter is, officials in this league have carte blanche, and if they decide to run things a certain way, who’s going to argue…the league?  Yeah, they want to open that can of worms.  Can you imagine the blow-back on that?

To look the other way, deny, obfuscate, and ignore is a lot easier than calling their own officiating into question.  Maybe things get said after games, but, if you know nothing is actually going to be, or practically can be done…whatever, “yes boss, absolutely boss, get right on it boss…now get lost”.

I simply cannot stand it much longer, and as a rabid hockey fan, it honestly bothers me to say that.  I’m not talking about the odd bad game of officiating, that happens, I accept that, been like that for years.  I try hard not to complain about officiating, because I believe all teams suffer the ills of this leagues poor refereeing, but this is different, and the historical statistics are there to back it up.  I’m talking about a profound and endemic failure of legitimate officiating.  Intentionally selective rule enforcement targeting one team over others, for whatever reason.

Sure I can’t prove it, but, to dismiss obvious bias as coincidence would be like assuming a dead guy on the side of the road, riddled with bullet holes, must have died of natural causes, because nobody admits to having shot him.

Oh well, I guess this is bigger than me, or the fans.

Like Clouston, I thought the Sens could have just as easily have won this game, given a fair chance, so, apart from growing entirely disenfranchised with the NHL officials, I don’t see anything to gripe on in terms of the Sens play.

Peters once again proves to be the putrid, steaming pile of **** he’s always been…but I’m sure Lou was on the horn to Gary right after the game…”Hey Gary, Lou here, how’re the wife and kids, everybody healthy?”…”Good, good, let’s hope it stays that way huh?”…click.

On a positive note, Els looked lights out, and that is no small comfort, considering.



4 Responses to “Sens Opponent Perfect…Again.”

  1. Completely agree, watching these games have started to become more and more disgusting. ottawa is not given a fair chance at all in most of the battles we face. The fact we have a good record right now is beyond me and would have to say we are probably the hardest working team on the ice to keep up with such a situation.

    I have seen bad officiating before in past years but nothing tallies up to the amount of inexcusable amount of non-calls we have seen during the first 1/4 of the season, bateman needs to resign he is an utter disgrace to this league.

  2. If you are bored you should check how many games so far the Sens have received 0 powerplays, versus how many times they recieved 0 last season all together. Or how many other teams have received 0 powerplays this season and how often.. i would be very interested in those stats.

  3. I agree totally!

    @ golf tournements in Tranna in the summertime, the Refs, when asked by a fan about Officiating and Ottawa specifically just sniker…and smile in their beer!

  4. This can’t happen in a multi-billion dollar business.. This is not a league for 5 year olds.

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