It Ain’t Easy Being Green

Mike Green is a tremendous player. But as much as he gives, he taketh away, and tonight was a prime example of what you get from “rover” defensemen.

With a two on two coming his way, Green decided to attempt a neutral zone chip and run, but missed both puck and man, resulting in the 2-1 tip in OT goal to sink the Caps chance to prevent a losing skid.

And let’s be clear, the Sens won this game after playing only 30 of 60 minutes.  Why did it take an earful between periods to get it back on the rails?  I don’t know, but one person who hit the ice a changed man was Shannon.  That kid looked like the Shannon we all thought was signed in the off season to his first ever 1 way deal.  Maybe he was reading some rumour sites between periods…

The truth is this team NEEDS Opie to provide offense if they want to remain a team with legitimate secondary offense.  I for one believe he can do it, but it won’t just happen, he’s going to have to make it happen, like he did tonight.

Another concern is Spez.  He looked completely out of sorts tonight, he didn’t seem to know whether to shoot or pass, back-check or press.

Fish…keep it going man.  I dont know if it’s good lovin’ or sexual frustration, but don’t stop what ‘ur doing.

I thought Elliott was great tonight, and the team must gain so much confidence knowing they can win with either goalie between the pipes.  Here’s hoping Snoopy is o.k after taking that puck in the face.  If it weren’t for bad injury luck…

Sens advance to top in the N.E. and sit 8th best in the NHL P% wise.



8 Responses to “It Ain’t Easy Being Green”

  1. GN:

    Do we bring up Brodeur to play vs Brodeur…if they were relatives I would!

    I like your 8th best NHL P%…ya should send it to that Brophy, the Tranna Power Ranker…he definitly doesn’t get it!

    You are going to have to figure out a computer program to grade Kelly’s true worth to the Sens, I still think he’s very effective !

    Opie plays one more game like that again especially on the road and he gets hit again…he simply makes people look bad he’s that good!

    • Kelly, IMO, is still struggling. BUT, even while struggling, he’s having some great shifts. The effort is there, but he continues to take poor penalties, and that’s not his style.
      With 14 min. in penalties already, he’s on pace for 55 P. min., a career worst.
      With only 18 hits, too many give aways, and a poor face off % Kelly has some work to do.
      His point production has been solid, and his 2 recent goals were well timed, I’ve no issues in that regard.

  2. talking about how good Kuba is playing and the whole defensie, we can now put a price tag on Volchenkov. I would argue that it would be hard to pay him more than Kuba. Just my take

    • I believe the next month will be critical in determining Volchy’s future.
      There is no way I can accept Volchy going to UFA. Either sign him, or trade him, but do not lose him for nothing.

  3. I agree with you Sam. Kuba’s play is very good all around. Volchenkov is a master of hits. Both are valuable in their own right. I NOW wish people would leave Spezza alone. I was not a fan of his up to this point, but he has converted me. The guy has put a lot of effort into becoming a complete hockey player. Let him grow into it. His scoring touch is not going to just disappear. He’s concentrating on helping the team win. Let’s give him some breathing room.

    • Carver, I agree on the Spez front, my point was not so much criticism as it was observation. In the previous games Spez was pretty focused on defensive accountability, but now, after being called out publicly, you can see he’s trying to get his offense going. Let’s hope this is the beginning of the end of the growing pains as he learns to effectively merge the two games.

  4. Pulling all the strings (So ya don't like my MOP?) Says:

    Spez has scored some nice goals, and should get it back, whether it’s the wooden stick or just squeezing it too hard, who knows? Cheechoo has been bitten by the same bug – that was a nice setup by Ruutu.

    Awesome effort from the whole team last night – nothing really to dump on – the giveaway to their ‘pup’ that put them up 3-1 ended Cheech’s night (I think he saw lots of pine after that).

    This is what we want to see. Rolling like this is how the team will sustain a winning record. Now just bring it on the road …

    • I don’t know about the “awesome effort” part, but for sure they showed tremendous tenacity.
      If they try playing 50% of the game vs. NJD it will likely be a different result.

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