Rumours Swirling – Update –


Barker is on the ice now, so nothing is imminent.

There is a lot of chatter out there right now about impending trades with CHI.  I’ve heard nothing to indicate they’re legit, or not.

SC has a blog that suggests Picard and Shannon for Barker.

Possible, but this alone would not be feasible as Ottawa would not have the cap space to assume Barkers contract.  Even if OTT went to a 22 man roster it would be extremely tight, and could force Ottawa to play below a 22 man roster at some point due to cap issues.

No, to me, it would have to include at least one larger salary, such as Kelly, but that would do nothing to solve CHI issues.

Some have suggested TML is in on a deal with CHI, but with so little cap space of their own, I don’t see it, at least not straight line.

No doubt CHI will be doing something, and if Sopel cannot be moved, Buff and Barker are the most obvious targets.



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