Chum Very Good News.

Apparently the MRI on Shean Donovan’s knee showed no complete tear in either the ACL or MCL.

For an ageing 4th liner, known for his speed and agility, this is beyond good news, this is job or no job good news.

Here’s hoping 8 weeks will provide sufficient time for the ligaments to heal, but knee’s are a tricky business.

But the entire situation forces one to examine the ethics of the hit leading to the damage.

Matt Cooke, a player who, in 684 NHL games, has been suspended twice for illegal hits, kneed Donavan, in the final 5 minutes of a 6-2 loss.

The hit wasn’t made in an effort to win the game, the hit was made out of frustration, and with an eye to injuring the opponent in some twisted sense of preserving his teams wounded pride.

Suspendable?  No.

Should it be?




One Response to “Chum Very Good News.”

  1. If anyone has read my comments before, they’ll know that Donovan is held in high esteem in these parts!
    I really think Chummy is the best value 4th liner around. Low salary, high heart and great production for 8 freaking minutes a game! It really sucks that just as it seems Clouston was realizing that a dangerous 4th line is a competitive advantage, he now has to create one (Cheechoo-Regin-Winchester) that won’t scare any teams. I just hope he continues to make a lot of in-game adjustments to compensate for the lack of Kovy and Chum.
    Dress the Sens in TML jerseys tonight to scare the crap out of Lalime!

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