Big Rig Hauls Fleury From The Net.

What a tremendous performance.

What makes it all the more impressive is how they recovered after having allowed 3 early 2 on 1’s, including one leading to an early goal.

Nobody had a bad game tonight, but some players were truly outstanding.

Campoli – This guy was lights out.  Solid positional defense, great outlet passes, and tremendous vision.  His best performance of the year, by a mile.

Carkner – A gladiator in front of that net, and apart from one bad give-away, a rock steady game.

Kovalev – THAT was what I want from Kovy.  He wasn’t flying around like Fisher, or grinding like Alfie, but he worked his game to perfection, and converted the manic effort by Fisher into chance after chance.  That is what Kovy can, and should do every game, and hoping beyond hope, the chemistry between he and Fish will lead to more of the same.  (BTW Kovy, my condolences, take care of your personal business, and come back when your ready).

Phillips – Man, talk about a way to make your mark in your 800th game.  Glad to see it, you deserve the recognition.

Without a doubt that was the best game of the year by the Sens, and hopefully this will buoy them with confidence going into what is always a great rivalry vs. Buffalo.



6 Responses to “Big Rig Hauls Fleury From The Net.”

  1. Lots of positives, I liked Lee’s handling of the odd man rush. Reminded me of Redden when he was good. Cheechoo scored again .. great for his confidence. The sequence leading to Carkner’s goal was incredible puck handling and possession. Couple of missed calls in the first period. So refs are still biassed ..

  2. The clock showed the Sens had the puck in the O-zone for 1:10 before Carks scored…amazing.
    I too thought Lee had a solid game.

  3. They were playing very good and skillful game Great night!

  4. MOP at home Says:

    Saw the first period only, they looked good but did give up some odd man rushes – Lee’s diving play was wicked – goodbye passing lane that is how its done.

    I saw it was 2-1 at the end of three and thought Oh no – will they be able to hang on. In spades.

    Fantastic that the Sens turned it up in the third and didn’t sit back. So maybe their (Pens) defence were weaker, but you can’t argue with the offence in their lineup. Pittsburgh is finally showing some cracks. (Schaedenfreude – I want them to crash and burn this year. Let’s hope they can keep it up!)

  5. Smooth!

    Our “Captain” does not grind…he is tenacious, opportunistic…superb!

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