Sens Slip Past Oil

What a greasy win.

Let me tell you, I spent the vast majority of that game mad enough to kick a puppy.  And who doesn’t love puppies?




They were horrible.  If they were puppies…

Then, Foligno scores, Picard makes a sweet drive & set-up, and finally, after handing over the game, Leclaire steals back the W with a great effort in the shoot-out.

I don’t ever want to relive that game.  Gimme the 2 pts., and let’s get the hell out of here.

On a side note…..phewwww, nice goal Cheech, lets hope it rains some more.



6 Responses to “Sens Slip Past Oil”

  1. I’m with ya let’s go to Philly and see what we got cause they are going to chop the shit out of us because we don’t draw power plays! There are the guys that get sick and don’t play…there are the guys that dress and don’t play if ya know what I mean and then there will be a few who do the heavy lifting!

  2. Woozle man Says:

    Hell yeah. Let’s hope the boys can pare down the defensive ugliness. Cheechoo gets on the board, though, that’s gotta be a huge relief for him.

  3. Agreed. Hopefully the flood gates open for Cheech. Seems we’ve been on the receiving end of some shaky wins, I’d like to see more 3-1 and 4-1 less heart attack inducing wins …

  4. I think the “flood” for Cheech already hit…a trickle is a trickle.
    The only obvious weakness for Phillly is the bottom of their roster. So ya THINK maybe playing Donovan tonight and giving the Sens a better chance at those nice ugly 4th line goals would be smart?? YA THINK???
    I really hope Picard, Lee, Campoli and Carkner don’t make the Sens look like bush leaguers tonight. If they step it up (and the first 3 can stop looking so scared in their own zone) there’s a good chance of a great game. Of course a good ol’ 40 shot Snoopy shutout wouldn’t hurt.

  5. Woozle man Says:

    I’ll be dreading every shift that both the 2nd and 3rd pairings will be out there. The 2nd pairing of Campoli / Lee are prime candidates to be pushed around by the physical Flyers forwards. The 3rd pairing of Picard / Carkner are dodgy because of Picard, who’s good for at least 1 catastrophic give away, and Carkner’s lack of mobility is likely to be exploited by quick Flyer forwards.

    All is not lost though; if Clouston can keep the players playing disciplined hockey, we should get some opportunities on the PP. These are so rare that no team will know how to defend against our powerplay, having never seen it 🙂

  6. Woozle man Says:

    Of course, Leclaire will have to be stellar tonight for us to have any chance. This is a perfect example of a game he will have to steal if we are to finish anywhere near the 5th-6th in the East I optimistically predicted at the outset of the season.

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