Hey Forwards, This Means YOU!

Murray has come out saying he thinks this team needs another offensive forward.

Come on, nobody really believes BM has made this role his #1 desire.

But it is a shot across the bow of this teams 5 odd forwards who have yet to show they’re anything but grinders and role players.

If one of;

Foligno, Shannon, Regin, Kelly, or Cheechoo don’t get it together, and prove to be second line material, somebody will be going, somehow, someway.

This team has WAY too many “character” guys, and I do not believe for an instant the one or more of them won’t be deemed un-necessary by years end.

Time to get off your collective arses boys, or the clock is gonna run out on your cushy stay in the NHL, because nobody is going to pay you for potential, not Ottawa, and not any other NHL club.

Всего наилучшего fella’s



3 Responses to “Hey Forwards, This Means YOU!”

  1. Foligno, Shannon and Kelly are NOT top 6 forwards. Sure they need to chip in with secondary scoring but what about Kovalev??? Someone needs to really call this guy out or else TRADE him at the deadline. Spezza needs to be more consistent. He is not moving his feet enough out there and looks slow footed.

    Regin is top 6 material but needs to play with the skilled players, not centering the 3rd line like they had Vermette do instead of giving him a real chance of developing his offense.

    Cheechoo is giving a good honest effort every game. Hopefully that starts to translate into points soon.

  2. Foligno & Shannon are both looked to for offense, and 2nd line potential. If they don’t deliver, they will be out, particularly Shannon.
    Cheech has to do more than try to score, he has to score, period.
    Spezza, IMO, has looked awesome, I’ve no issues with his effort, production, or game.
    Kovy is Kovy. I think he’ll improve now that he’s away from Alfie, they were just to similar, IMO. Personally I’d like to see Fish centre Kovy and Shannon.

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