Sens Aim For #1 Over-All.

No doubt, with a little more effort, this team can do it!

#1 in penalties taken, it is within their grasp.

Keep your eyes on the prize boys, no doubt those paying $500.00 to watch will be thrilled to be able to say “I was there when they drew that minor, it was a thing of beauty!”.

That was a stupid performance, absolutely brain dead.

The worse part?  They really don’t seem to get it.



3 Responses to “Sens Aim For #1 Over-All.”

  1. We agree…what do you do start fineing these guys…part of it is #41 and he gets us off on the wrong foot every game but he reflects some of the othersalso, who lose their patience when they are getting out hustled!

  2. Lost in all of this was a pretty brilliant, albeit uncharacteristic, rush/goal by Lee!

    err.. The Sens have indeed been playing like neanderthals with some of these penalties at key times and in gross numbers, but the disparity between calls vis a vis the opposition in recent games is somewhat mind boggling – the stuff of conspiracy theory even.

    Still, Clouston and the boys have to work on controlled aggression; forecheck like mad, but keep your head in check and your hands on your stick. Discipline cannot only be paid only lip service any longer.

  3. I couldn’t watch the game. For me when CBC covers the sens, that means I don’t get to see them, and I’m lucky if I even get the score, let alone highlights.

    The box score said it all. 2-1 lead going into the third, then penalty after penalty with misconducts etc. and a 3-2 loss. Either they are lazy and stupid or the refs really wanted to help Jersey set their road win record…

    This is definitely a bad trend we’re watching though. Game after game with lopsided penalties. CC must be on top of this, but there has to be some accountability for penalties that cost the team wins…

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