Sens Play-Off Hopes Getting GAg-ed?

Over the past few seasons, Ottawa has suffered two major woes;

1. Soft Goals;

2. Lack of offense.

Fortunately, offense has not been an issue, which is surprising, considering the off season issues.  For the first time in years this team has had little problem producing sufficient offense to win games, and that has been the major force behind this teams early success.

Unfortunately, goals against has become an issue.  At 3.00 GA/g, Ottawa has actually worsened its position from that of the past few seasons.  It is this area, without affecting GF/g, that must be improved, and the bulk of this burden will fall squarely upon the shoulders of Leclaire.  There does not appear to be any short term improvement in defense on the horizon, and moving into a defensive shell, a la Hartsburg, is no way to maintain offense, so, it’s the last line of defense that will be called upon to improve the teams fortunes.

We all saw this coming, but the recent losing skid, while those around them are improving, is making the need for wins all the more obvious.

Pascal needs to put together some big games, and start stealing some points for this teams woeful defense.



2 Responses to “Sens Play-Off Hopes Getting GAg-ed?”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    GAA is an issue with the team, although I don’t believe the goaltending is the cause of the problem.

    Although Leclaire’s numbers are not spectacular, watching him play… The difference between the tandem this year compared to years past is they are not really costing us games with there play, compared to Gerber and co. in years past. Anytime a player skates in our end with Gerber in nets my heart would stop worrying he’d let in a goal. At least with Leclaire/Elliot you know they’re not going to singlehandedly cost us too many games.

    I think the goals is more an issue of an average at best defensive corps, which is Ottawa’s main weakness right now. They’ve got lots of good defencemen in the system coming through there pipes but they won’t make there mark on the team for abit.. it’s shame by the time guys like Karlsson, Cowen, Wiercoch become regulars Alfie will be 40 and retiring (and then we’ll be complaining about offence)

  2. Anon,
    Absolutely. Exactly my thoughts.
    But there’s a difference between costing you a game, and winning you a game, and with the defense we have, it’s going to take some goaltending efforts that win games to keep moving forward, IMO.


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