Ottawa Needs To Build A Depth Star.

So who’s it gonna be?

‘Cause this team needs a saviour, both at defense, and at forward.

These are the moments supposed “depth” players dream of, the chance to get more ice-time, improved linemates, and a chance to show they’re not 3-4 guys, they’re 1-2 guys.

So far, if the games versus Atlanta and Tampa are any indication, this teams bottom tier depth players are exactly that, and only that.

What about you Shannon?  We all hoped you could be a surprise 2nd line offensive guy, but no goals yet…not exactly inspiring.

Hey Foligno, remember the top line?  If I were you, I’d savour the memory, because unless you do something with those minutes, and linemates, it’ll be a long time before you get another sniff.

Regin, I know it’s a lot to ask of a first year rookie, to fill the boots of a proven #1 centre, but it sure would turn some heads if you at least looked ready to aspire to such lofty heights in the future, so far, checking centre seems the more appropriate slot.

Unless one or more of those 3 names steps it up, and soon, this team will exist in constant fear of an injury to the top 2 offensive lines, and that’s no way to excel.

I honestly believe any one of those players could do the job, on any given night, but believing, and knowing, seem miles apart right now.

And on defense, although only one game without Volchy, the future looks no brighter.  Lee was called up, and still looks unable to accept he’s not going to be an offensive dynamo in the NHL.  Too many pinches, bad reads, and picked off passes.  Hell, the same can be said for Camps and Picard.  Right now it’s a pick ’em for who’s better, or worse.

Can’t one of these three get it together?  They don’t need to replace Volchy, they just need to play a sound defensive game, along with the ability to transition the play from defense to offense.  So far it’s lacking in both departments.

Hey, did anybody by chance get a top 4 Dman for Halloween?  If so, call BM, he may be willing to listen to offers.



One Response to “Ottawa Needs To Build A Depth Star.”

  1. Missed Opp Says:

    You are so right!!
    Bring back the Foligno-Fisher-Shannon line from last year. It was the first time since just before and after the lockout we actually had a real 2nd line and not 3 third lines and one 1st line.

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