Just For Fun…Trade Proposal.

Fisher & Cheechoo



Would you do it?

Word has it, he’s available…



13 Responses to “Just For Fun…Trade Proposal.”

  1. of course i would – and we could fly him up here on a pig’s arse

  2. Ha! “Pigs arse”! … oh, uh … no, I like Fisher too much, also he has a NTC. Kovy & Cheechoo, now that’s a trade!

  3. Just talkin’.
    But he is available, and hey, maybe Fish would like to go further south, ahem, south of the border, hmmm, just seems to be getting worse…you know what I mean.

  4. GelatinousMutantCoconut Says:

    The question would be, does Tampa do that trade? Of course not.

    Tampa would most likely be looking for an affordable scoring forward, a top prospect and a first round draft pick.

    Possibly something along the lines of Michalek, Lehner and a 1st.

    What about?

    To Montreal:

    Alexei Kovalev

    To Ottawa:

    Maxim Lapierre
    Max Pacioretty

    More of a salary dump I doubt this would happen, but Montreal’s top line is playing better, Plekanec is revitalized, but they need some more secondary scoring. This is probably wishful thinking…Lapierre brings great energy with a bit of scoring and can play centre or wing. Pacioretty is a future power forward.

    To Chicago:

    Ryan Shannon
    Max Pacioretty
    Alexandre Picard
    Patrick Wercioch

    To Ottawa:

    Patrick Sharp
    Cam Barker


    To Carolina:

    Max Pacioretty
    Ottawa 3rdp

    To Ottawa:

    Tuomo Ruutu

    To Phoenix:

    Brian Lee
    Ottawa 2rdp

    To Ottawa:

    Z. Michalek

    I just like having brothers on the same team :p

  5. See you have a fun idea and someone (Expert no doubt) has to ruin it.

    Liked the phrase on a “Pig’s Arse”…the Hockey guys used to say: “In a Pig’s Arse Hole!!” as in Pig Sh*t.

  6. What a bunch of silly trade suggestions. Cheechoo in any trade? He wouldn’t even be taken by ANY team on waivers!! Not even on re-entry waivers. He’s not a bad guy, he’s just done.
    And Kovalev…since when do treams trade players they just signed as UFAs?
    Aaaannnnnyyyywaaaayyyyysssss………….I guess fans get silly when there are too many days off.
    Why don’t we trade the rights to Ilya Zubov for Ovechkin? He’s hurt…his value must be down. If he won’t waive his NTC, we’ll see if Atlanta will give up Kovalchuk. We could always offer Andy Chiodo.

  7. I think you’re on to something Sacul. If Murray can’t get either of those trades done, he’s a pigs arse!

  8. What part of “just for fun” was confusing, lol!
    The thing is, if Vinnie is traded, he won’t command much, as his contract is horrendous.
    I would highly doubt he could be moved for more than a B list package, or a decent player and a salary dump (like Mich and Cheechoo for Heatley).

  9. Lee Zamparo Says:

    Lovely idea, but we’ve hosed Tampa on the Meszaros trade already, so I can’t see them biting on this one 🙂

  10. For a team to take a “Salary Dump” guy (like Cheechoo), they have to be an extremely motivated seller. I don’t see a classy guy like Vinnie ever pulling a Heatley and slapping a steel boot on his GM’s nuts. I actually don’t think a guy like Cheechoo could have been moved from SJ in any situation other than the rather unique Heatley affair.
    I like pondering trade possibilities, but I think it’s fun to talk about ones that are realistic. It can be fun to talk crazy about silly stuff too, as long as everyone’s doing the same thing.
    I think on the realistic side, we can rule out any trade that would include Kovalev, Cheechoo, Alfie, Spezz, Fish, Phillips, Volch, Kuba, Karlsson or Leclaire. That still leaves half the roster, but many of those guys aren’t moving unless something completely unexpected and spectacular comes along. I can’t see any of the veteran bottom 6 forwards moving at this point (Neil, Kelly, Ruutu, Donovan) because they just plain prove their worth every game, even though fandom is still full of haters. I also can’t see a solid prospect like Regin going anywhere. With what’s left, I think any deal will have to include draft picks leaving town. I can’t see Murray shopping for anything other than a top 4 D-Man right now, and likely just an 09-10 rental at that.

    • Sacul, when you’re hemoraging money like TB, and have a guy making 10M a year, and have a cheap replacment in Stamkos…trust me, he’s available for something that costs less, even a salary dump +.
      As for Ottawa…anyone but Alfie is available, for the right price.

  11. I think TB’s in the same club as Phoenix, Florida, Nashville, etc. The club of teams that wouldn’t take a salary dump if they had All-Bran for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Picks, prospects, marginal players….sure.

    • Absolutely, the problem is nobody can take that contract without making room 4 it. In this environment, taking a bad contract, and VL is a bad contract, is doing a team a favour, and there has to be a return, which is losing a bad deal of your own.
      Campbell is another example of this. He’s very much available, but nobody will take him without shipping out a bad deal in return.
      You just canot absorb a contract paying 10M/yr, over the next 7 yrs, unless;
      a. It’s a player earning that money, or,
      b. you ship bad money back.

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