Trick Or Treat?

Smell my feet,

Play more than 30 minutes and you won’t get beat.

Another loss.

It’s official, this team is on a losing streak.


Oh sure, when the game was still within reach the Sens decided it might be worth trying to win, and yes, Pavelec was lights out, but how many losses will it take before this team realizes they can’t win by playing only one or so periods a game?

Some of you may still want to look at that game like getting an apple on Hallowe’en, it may not be great, but it’s not all bad.

Personally, I think I got a rock.


p.s., this team is in desperate need of another top 4 dman.  The more Camps & Picard are asked to play top 4 minutes, the worse they get.  The fact that Phillips played less EV time than either just shows how the team needs a competent defenseman that can also provide offense.

p.p.s. Sens are now 7th in the east, and on pace for a 96 pt finish.  There is no buffer room for good games with no points if the play-offs is the desired goal.


6 Responses to “Trick Or Treat?”

  1. GN:

    Ya just don’t get it do you…it’s not Campy “And” Pic, it’s Picard and the “Chaperone” your 5-6 pair, #39 is not ready for Prime Time 3-4 work yet either…you want to see two guys stumble around keep getting him out there with Kuba! Remember the projections!!!

    You and I both know we have needed a Big League all around NHL Defenceman since Chara…why do we keep kidding our selves and blaiming our 3 or 4 fringe NHL D-men.

    Next problem…and as I have been trying to tell you, the Press and Sens MGMT…#24 and #17 were banged up coming into camp…old men by injury standards…we’ll be lucky if they split a hundred games!

    So gas #41 or simply throw in the towel…start playing Elliott and bring up “Erik!”

  2. Nik, Carks isn’t the issue, as he’s not an offensive defenseman. The issue is playing Camps and Picard when the team is in need of offense, ahead of Phillips and Volchy.
    If the tea had a true top 4 dman, of all around skill, they couldslot one of the two as 5-6, where they belong, with Carks, who plays a good defensive game.
    I’m not saying Carks is anything special, but his D is better they either Camps or Pics O.
    As for EK, I see nothing he could contribute, yet, at this level.
    I do hope BM moves some of the forward depth for a 3-4 all around dman, like Kuba. A legit #1 dman is as rare as a legit power forward, so no use in dreaming.
    Why play Els? Honestly, you think he has more to offer than Pascal? I would find that surprising.

  3. Bryan is a great guy…but he’s a procrastinator and we cannot let him sit!

    I can’t believe the Tranna bias against Ottawa…the League Office, the Refs, the TV guys… What gives?

  4. What gives?
    The international language of love!

  5. How true! How nieve we are…How nieve I am!! I needed that reminder.

  6. The Sens defense without Vochenkov is stretched pretty thin – Other than Kuba they don’t have a true #2 Dman and playing Kuba with Phillips would expose the second and third units too much

    Cheechoo had a much better game yesterday but he has got to kept on the third line to be effective – forget the salary and buy out his contract at the end of the year

    It goes without saying that using Regin with Michalek is a major downgrade from Spezza with Michalek – if the Sens don’t have a healthy Jason – they don’t have a second line and they are seriously in trouble

    Poor Leclaire – two goals he didn’t see and an Afimagenov breakaway to deal with after 30 minutes of freezing in nets with nothing to do – oh well some nights are like that – hopefully it will even out in the next few games

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