Teams Binder Twine Vs. Duct Tape.

They’ve both been used generously by the more “frugal” of those among us.  In fact, sometimes their ability to do a job, in a pinch, leaves one wondering why the original was ever needed.  Sometimes they get you just far enough away from home to discover…you’re screwed.

And that’s what a couple of teams are going to find out tonight.

Atlanta is without their only proven elite player, Ilya Kovalchuk, and their supposed #1 goaltender.

Ottawa will hit the home ice minus their number one centre, and number one defensive defenseman.

This injury situation will leave both teams struggling to play their games.  Atlanta, a run and gun team, will be without their biggest gun, and will be worried that without him, they’ll be firing blanks.  Ottawa, despite the loss of Spezza, still has decent offensive talent in Mich, Alfie and Kovalev, but their defense is acutely diminished without A-Train.  When fully healthy along the blue line, Ottawa still has issues when trying to contain offensively dynamic teams, remove A-Train, and suddenly a role playing D-man is tagged to play against opponents well beyond his ability.

So, who will win the battle of the busted?

With both teams coming off of losing skids (ATL 0-4, OTT 1-3) no doubt neither dressing room is prepared to see some early season success fall to the wayside due to injuries.

The advantage would have to go to the Sens, who have their #1 goaltender, and home ice advantage, allowing Clouston to manage the all important defensive matchups.

In order to win, the OTT defense will have to play a strong physical game, as this will likely be the style employed by the wounded Thrashers.  Look to Armstrong for another predatory game, it’s what he does well, no offense, and hopefully Neil can one up the intensity.  But don’t expect Carks to drop ’em, as his size and shut-down ability is too important to lose for 5 plus minutes, at least until Volchy returns.  Roots and Chum will have to pick up the pugilist slack should it be required.

Should it come down to a battle of special teams, which, if recent history is any indication, may be the case, Atlanta has the clear advantage.  While all of the penalties against has fire tested Ottawa’s PK’ers, their power play remains rarely utilized, and feeble when called into action.  Although statistically strong on the PP, Atlanta, without Kovalchuk may not be the threat they were previously.


5-2 Ottawa win.






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