Sens Beginning To Stumble?

There certainly could be a case made for the Sens quick start beginning to show signs of sputtering.

With loses to NSH, BOS, and now TB, the Sens are 1-3 in their last 4 games.

That’s the way losing streaks begin, they sneak up on you, and by the time you’re in the middle of a full fledged slump, the damage is done.

This roster has to pull itself up by the bootstraps, and soon, or the Sens already challenging road to the post season could become impassable.

I’m not inciting panic here, there are legitimate reasons for last nights horrendous performance, and trust me, it was completely horrendous, taking any salvation from a couple of meaningless late game goals is nothing any team with a commitment to winning should do.  They were schooled last night, actually, they were embarrassed, and that’s what they should be focusing on.

The fact remains that this team doesn’t have the buffer it once did.  Back in the good ‘ol days this team could sit idle for 2 periods, still look competitive, then pour it on in the final frame to lock up a win.  Those days are loooong gone, and now it’s a matter of beating your opponent by a thousand cuts, not one big dramatic swing.

But in order for these thousand cuts to be made, certain players need to do more, much more.

You’re a big boy Kovalev, so don’t get all pouty when I say you’ve sucked lately.
That stroll through the neutral zone you call a back check has got to stop.  You are being payed to work, not play, and that’s all I’m asking for here, some work.  Quit floating, if nothing else, at least look like you give a shit.

Cheech, look, I’m pulling for you kid.  I’ve tried to stay off your back, used the saying nothing if you have nothing good to say strategy, but times running out.  You’re flat-lining here.  Show a spark, ignite your passion for the game.  Forget about who you “were”, are how much pressure you’re feeling, from all sides, and just go out and have fun.  You’ve lost that loving feeling kid, and it shows, but I know it’s still there, and playing from that mindset will get you back into the game you used to love.  Nothing has changed, just let it all go, and play, whatever will be, will be.

Kels…you’re killing me.  What are you, a defensive specialist, a checker, a two way forward?  Just pick one, any one, and excel at it.  But right now you’re a hot mess on a cold streak.

Roots…make me laugh, bite somebody, punch a goaltender, spray water at a passing player, cough in somebody’s face…just be all you can be, a huge PITA.  I’m not saying you haven’t been good, because you have, but this team needs a little spark from you, a laugh, a rallying cry, and you my frustrating friend, are just the kinda nutcase for the job (no offense, lol).

Neil, it’s time to smoke somebody.  I’m talkin’ Train vs. Cow kinda hit, you know, the kind that get’s players like you on the highlight reel.  Don’t kill anybody, but a nice “did you see that hit!” kind of legal check would go a long way right now.

And lastly, Foligno.  This is it kid.  These are the moments you make you name in.  You know what to do, now just do it, and it’ll pay dividends for years to come.

Boys, it’s time to decide whether you’d rather work and win, or float and lose, ’cause there ain’t no door number three.



9 Responses to “Sens Beginning To Stumble?”

  1. Cheechoo is 4th on the team in Shots on goal with 24, it’s not like he’s not trying. He’s not a fast skater but I see him in front of the net. He barely gets any PP time, I’m not sure how he’s going to break out of this slump with so little ice and PP time that Clouston gives him.

    Shannon is the worst forward out there IMO

  2. "D" Fence Says:

    The negativity I’ve encountered (mostly on another Sens site) after one weak game is unbelievable.

    So we lost the second of back-to-back road games. This was after a horribly officiated game in which we spent the majority of time on the PK. We were down our number 1 centre, our number 1 D, and our #1 goalie. The Lighnting were embarassed by their last game against us and were playing with a chip on their shoulder…

    Yes, Ottawa didn’t play a great game last night, but they will again. One bad beat isn’t the end of the world for this team.

  3. We may have a 1-3 record, but we got points in two of those losses and dominated Boston in one of those. In our only regulation loss we were missing our top centre, one of our top defencemen and our goalie.

    We’ve exceeded expectations so far and I can’t believe that there would be any negativity about it.

  4. Lee Zamparo Says:

    Missed the game sadly (or maybe not), but judging from the youtube highlights, they looked tired. A lot of missed coverage in the defensive zone. Brian Lee was way out of position on Malone’s goal, and all of Picard/Kovalev/Alfredsson made a hash of defensive coverage on Tanguay’s goal. No way he should have been so open.

    Hopefully a bit of rest and a bit of luck will lead to a victory over the Thrashers on Saturday. We need Spezza and Leclaire back & healthy!

  5. “D”, Andy,
    Fair enough, but the fact remains, you have to accept that the Sens will not be able to afford to many “one of those games”.
    That’s my point, and last night, for a veriety of reasons, was “one of those games”. Unfortunately, one of the biggest reasons was a lack of determination, as was best exemplified by Kovalev. When this sort of play is allowed to go un-noticed, or remarked upon, it festers.
    I rarely receive criticism when I highlight what the team does well, and really, it should cut the other way too, when merited.
    That was a terrible game, and they are coming off of loses, loser points notwithstanding, so, as such, they’re at a crossroads. One more loss, and it’s suddenly 1-4, and that my friends, is a losing skid. A win, and its 2-3, with a pair of loser points to smooth the rough edges, a whole different animal.
    We’ll see what they bring Saturday afternoon, against a team that is also desperate for a win.

  6. we’re 1-1-2, not 1-3

  7. Carlos, with all due respect, one win in the last 4 games is what matters. Yes, thanks to manufactured competitiveness we have 2 loser points in that span of games, but, alas, so do many other teams, basically making these loser points irrelevent.
    Look folks, I’m not exactly hammering them here, but if you really think last nights game was excuseable, so be it, and if your hapy with 1 win in 4 games, great, but, I’d hardly consider that something to be “content” with.
    If I thought this was the end of the world, or they couldn’t play better, I’d of written about puppy dogs and sunshine, but I’m not about to blow hot air for the sake of blind cheer-leading.
    They will do better, and I expect them to do better.

  8. Hey SenSay…you wrote alot about forwards on this post, but really that’s not where the team is suffering. Kovalev is the same floater he’s always been, we can only hope he decides to show up just like Habs fans did for the last few years. He’s really being paid 5 Million to win about 5 games for the Sens….haven’t seen one yet! Cheechoo is exactly who he was predicted to be…let’s just let him be on the 3rd line or in the press box (when Spezza and Winchester are back.)
    The issue is the lack of top defensemen and what to do when one of them is out. It’s tough because Clouston has to try and guess who can play above his head for any given game. Murray decided to spend the team’s money on a top-notch goalie, the best 4th line in the league and 3 good defensemen. That leaves the hole on D and the other teams know it. I hope they can just sneak out a decent record until BM can do something about it. (Speaking of that…anyone else watch Milan’s brother Zbynek Michalek in Phoenix? He’d sure look good in a Sens jersey.)
    I don’t get the shots at Kelly. He’s doing exactly what he’s supposed to and capable of. Don’t be surprised if he gets more time on the top lines if Spezza stays out. Remember him filling in for Spezz a few years ago and doing great with Alfie and Whinypants? He has it in him….just don’t ask him to score much until they make the nets bigger.
    If the Sens can avoid total collapses like against Boston and Nashville, they should be OK. Clouston rocks as a coach, I just wish the refs would show him some respect. I also wish we could know in advance which zebras will be working the Sens games. That makes as much difference as who is injured. When you see McCreary or St-Pierre out there, it’s like being a man short all game.

  9. Hey, you guys forgot to mention the ice in Florida. TB may have the worst in the league!

    But all excuses aside, as the passionate, dedicated fans that we are, we should be concerned about the team falling into a larger skid. I’m sure CC and BM are concerned.

    Beyond the weak-in-their-own-end play of Lee, Campoli, sometimes Picard, and a tired looking Kuba in the third, Gerald has identified some of the obvious holes in the forward lineup (Cheech, Kelly, etc.) — all the more noticeable without Spezza in the lineup. It’s the depth guys that need to step up (like Dono, Ruuttu, and Neil have been doing).

    Kelly is particularly frustrating to watch as he continues his trend from last year of doing everything but put the puck on the net. If the guy developed a better shot, or quicker thinking around the net, he could be great. Fisher and Vermette had this disease last year too and none of them really came out of it (Maybe Fisher a bit when CC joined them).

    BM has to be looking at trading some of our depth (on both forward and D) and maybe a pick for a higher caliber D man. Give Pascal a bit better D and he’ll be on a shut out streak again, I’m sure. I do think that if the Brian can patch a few holes early in the season, this team could take a decent run at the playoffs (I think I may say this every year though, lol).

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