The Ripple Effect.

The fall-out of Kuba returning to the active roster continues.

The latest victim being Ryan Shannon.

Up until now, Shannons ability to play the point on the PP has kept him on the ice, ahead of Donnovan, but with Kuba back in, and Alfie manning the point in practice, Shannon has been made the odd man out.

I’m all for this.  Shannon has been good on the point, often getting a shot off, and making solid plays both to his defensive partner, and into the offensive zone, but he’s been ineffective 5-5.

The only question now is, how long until Shannon gets the nod ahead of Cheechoo?

For a few games Cheech looked like he was rounding back into form, then it all fell apart vs. NSH.  I’m not sure if it’s confidence, chemistry, health, or fitness, or a nasty combination of some, or all of the above.  But the fact remains, the clock is ticking on Cheechoo’s viability as a top 6 player, and salary be damned, if he doesn’t soon step it up, he may well find himself riding the buses in the AHL.

But that’s a losing proposition for all, and the desire remains that Cheechoo can start to pull it back together.

Here’s hoping.



4 Responses to “The Ripple Effect.”

  1. Lee Zamparo Says:

    Let’s hope Cheechoo can round into form soon; I’d love to see him get one or two goals tonight. Duder’s gotta get his ass to the net or the high slot to be effective, and he absolutely must leave it all on the ice. Let’s hope for some results tonight.

  2. Cheech still needs another 10 games or so to get his stride and timing back. If the Sens are still able to play well and win then I say keep playing him and see if he can dig himself out of the production hole he is in right now.

    Shannon is a depth player. I don’t expect him to be a regular by any means aside from being a stop-gap for a long term injury.

  3. I think the Spezza-Cheechoo-Michalek line will absolutely light it up tonight.
    One for The SpezzDispenser, one for Cheechoo, and two for Milan… one on the PP and one on the PK.

    Oh, and I’m calling it now.. Kovalev will have the puck on his stick for 16 minutes, without registering a shot on goal.

  4. Hi everyone, I just re-read this post, and something jumped out at me “Cheechoo’s viability as a top 6 player, and salary be damned, if he doesn’t soon step it up, he may well find himself sniffing diesel.”
    Now, anyone familiar with some of the issues facing First Nations would appreciate that my choice of words is easily misconstrued. No one has pointed this out to me, I just noticed it myself, and felt it ony right to both acknowledge the opportunity for appearing insensitivity this particular phrasing could create, and also re-write the passage, conveying the same message, while using less loaded terminology.
    If this passage has offended anyone, please accept my apologies for my inadvertent use of such terminology, no offense was intended, it was simply an often used phrase interjected into a loaded situation. A situation I might add, which is very real, and merits all of our empathy.

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