Digging Deep Gets The Win.

The come from behind victory over the desperate Panthers may be the best example of Ottawa’s new found depth at forward.

Not only did this depth allow Ottawa to play with an extra step late in the game, due to Cloustons being able to roll 4 lines with ease, but the scoring came from 3 of the 4 available trios.

Sure, we may have a lot of money being spent on the bottom six, but it’s a damn good bottom six.

In order to secure this win, the Sens had a fair amount of adversity to overcome.  Not only did Leclaire fall ill after the first period, but the officials did their utmost to get the 47 rabid fans in attendance something to cheer about.

That was an absolutely shameful performance by the officials.  I’m not talking about the calls, I’m talking about the non calls.  It is simply impossible to “officially” explain away the absolute unwillingness of the officials to call a balanced game.  When one team absolutely dominates the other, shift after shift, controlling the puck for 65% of the game, yet has to face 600% more obstruction penalties…get real, anyone with even a passing knowledge of hockey could point out a host of “missed” calls.

Come up with your own explanation folks, I’ve got mine, and I’ll leave it at that.

For those of you who didn’t notice, Foligno found his way to the Spezza line, while Cheech found his way onto the Kelly line.

What a performance by Alfredsson, he looked like he left 10 years back in Ottawa, and absolutely dominated the Panthers in the offensive zone.

That guy is my hero.

Big nod to Elliott for coming in to relieve Pascal, and putting out a great performance

Oh, and the Leafs lost…again.

In other news, water is still wet, pigs can’t fly, and Gaborik is injured.



4 Responses to “Digging Deep Gets The Win.”

  1. The Panthers surprised me with their aggressive back check. If they played a balanced game like that more often they would be an interesting team to watch. Cheech looks like he’s having a confidence problem. He has the hockey sense but lacks the tenacity. Kovalev was his typical enigmatic self, and Spezza almost reverted to some dumb plays a couple of times, but he is growing as a hockey player – nice to see. Defense needs an upgrade. Just one more top four and we’re going to be a very, very good hockey team.

  2. Woozle man Says:

    I don’t get this ‘enigmatic’ tag that’s attached to Kovalev. He’s been playing the same way for years now: strong on the puck once he gets it, clever stick handling, slick passes that (mostly) create good scoring chances, bursts of activity. It’s hardly a surprise anymore. As for people decrying his effort, I’d like to see you go out at 36 and play a bang and hustle game for a whole season. He’ll manage to play most of the season and get a good amount of points. He’s not Alfie, he’s not Fisher, he’s not Kovalev at 30.

    • To me enigmatic refers to a mystery. Take an exceptionally skilled hockey player who has the puck on his stick and the slightest breeze at ice level causes him to lose possession. Take that same player in a storm and he handles the puck as if it were literally glued to his stick. To me that is the mystery that surrounds Kovalev and on game night you have no idea what the weather will be.

  3. Spezza is playing through a groin injury. Don’t be too hard on him. He still looked ok, but their line wasn’t clicking tonight.

    The Alfie line had some awesome shifts in the third period.
    Elliot, although he played well, had some big rebounds. He needs to work on that.

    But, great come back, and to hold on this time. I agree about the officiating as well. There were at least a dozen times the Sens could have had a PP, but for whatever reason they chose not to call it. ANd I am not saying that, because I am a Sens fan.


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