Thought So.

Yesterday I had it from a pretty solid source that EK was not booked on the trip to FLA, so it came as no surprise he was moved to the A.

But, what I was unsure about was where he would end up, and that is still a bit TBD.

As I understand it, and again, this is only rumour, EK is being asked to go to the A, but has been told it is not necessarily a year long thing.  Basically, he’s being sent down to play more minutes, improve his skill on the small ice, pending a change on the roster at the NHL level.

That’s right, there’s going to be a move, but what I’m unsure.

I’ve been told there are a few discussions going on, but nothing specific has been determined, nor timeline set out for a move.

But nothing stops us from guessing, right?

I still think there’s a deal brewing with CHI, as I’ve been told point blank that discussions with CHI have been taking place, over a long period of time.  But Murray’s target is NOT Campbell.  Although, that’s who is being offered.  My understanding is, apart from CHI eating a bad contract in exchange, and adding a sweet pick, or prospect, there’s no way Murray will entertain that anchor of a contract coming to Ottawa.

So Mr. Bowmann, here’s my offer;

Picard, 2-2010 2nd’s (OTT, SJS)


Cam Barker.

Now, this may seem absurd, and on the face of it, it is, but here’s the spin, Barker currently plays as the 6th D man on CHI, and he makes over 3M a season.  That’s a lot for a 6th Dman, and the only reason he’s #6 is because CHI is absolutely stacked on the blue-line.  Even worse, CHI is facing dire salary cap issues next season, and with D. Keith a pending RFA, they risk losing a better Dman if they can’t clear space.

Is it too little, yes, but it also has no future salary commitments, and that, in a salary cap league, is an asset in itself.

If you haven’t noticed, I want Cam Barker, and I’m certain I’m not the only one.



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