Karlsson On His Way Out?

Rumour has it Karlsson is on his way out, with the imminent return of Kuba.

I for one would love to see this rumour come true.  Not because I don’t think Karlsson is the offensive future of the Sens blueline, but because he will develop into this role all the more quickly while playing against lessor competition.

Yes Karlsson can compete at this level, but he can’t excel, yet.

Put him on the ice for 20 to 22 minutes a game, in every situation, and he will blossom.  In fact, he may well be ready to play a role later this season, if all goes well.

But to ask him to sit out, in favour of other more able blue-liners, is no way to develop a young budding star.  There’s no risk in letting him excel in the A, but there is a risk if they let him stagnate in the NHL.

I’m a big believer in letting players develop, in situations in which they excel.  Eriks had a taste of the NHL, let him now work hard to be able to reach his full potential when he next plays on the big club.

But here’s the thing, this isn’t about the “10” games.  There’s a lot made of this, even by me, but at the end of the day, contractually, it’s not a huge deal.

By playing 10 or more NHL games, in any one season, a player on an entry level contract “ELC” will consume one of these years of entry level eligibility.  This “ELC” has two key aspects to it;

1. A low initial contract price, plus defined maximum bonuses.

This first SPC (an ELC) is for a maximum of 3 years, and can only pay so much, according to the CBA, but are usually “bonus” laden.  So, if a player plays 10 or more games, his “ELC” will be reduced by one year, even though the player only played 10 games.

2. RFA arbitration restrictions.

The player, by burning one year of his ELC, is potentially one year closer to arbitration, as you have this right, as an RFA, after the expiration of your second SPC contract, your 3 yr. ELC being the first.

What is important to note, is that this 10 games has nothing to do with a players UFA eligibility.  The 10 games burns one year of ELC, but does not actually count as a year of NHL experience towards UFA eligibility.  In order for this to happen, a player has to play 40 NHL (total, not consecutive) games in any one season.

So, to be clear, I’m not wanting to send Karlsson to the AHL is in order to avoid the burning of the one year of ELC, because, in all likelihood, he’d be re-signed before the expiration of this contract anyhow.

I believe it’s important to send him to the AHL  (not the SEL, if possible) in order to improve his skills, and free up his roster spot for another defenseman.



7 Responses to “Karlsson On His Way Out?”

  1. I agree full heartedly. Karlsson is great for a rookie but not gonna be able to last 82 games. Let him play in the A, gain a little bit more size and be a full force to play against next year.

    Lee should be in the lineup, period.

  2. I’m not sure Lee would be an automatic coming back the otherway, considering the numbers.

  3. I agree that karlesson should go to either the AHL or Sweden. I don’t know which is best for his development, but Sweden is better (minmally as you have argued) for his contract. Sending him down (wherever) does do something important though. It gets Lee up, Campoli playing with Kuba, and Picard stays up. Campoli with Kuba will excell, increasing his trade value. Karlesson will not outperform he, Lee or Picard this year, but likely will next year. So send him down to increase Campoli’s trade value, then trade him. Let Lee and Picard battle for spot #6, then trade one of them. Campoli and Lee/Picard together, for example, would likely bring some good returns in the summer if they had decent years in the NHL this year. Then next year you get whatever returns they yield, and get Karlesson to replace Campoli as an upgrade, and Cowen to replace Lee/Picard as an upgrade. The defense next year looks like this:
    Philips/Volch – Yowzaa!
    Kuba/Karlesson – Woohooo!!
    Cowen/Carkner – Holy sweet love of God!!
    7th: Picard/Lee (who cares)

    If Murray could make those Campoli & Lee/picard trades yield some good offensive prospects or be part of a deal that brings in a wicked-awesome 2nd line centre. And still we would have Leclair/Elliot in net. This is a cup contender for sure. I am so excited thinking about this that I could shit my pants.

  4. Karlsson can play anywhere, other than the NHL, in order to avoid the 10 game rule, not just the SEL.
    No doubt, with more depth on the blueline coming in, somebody will have to be moved eventually.
    It would be nice if one of Lee/Picard/Campoli would step up and earn a full time role on this club, and thus make the decision on who to move more obvious.

    • Lee Zamparo Says:

      Currently, this is the fervent desire of everyone who cheers for the Senators. I’m hoping that either Campoli or Picard willl get it together, since they’re on one way contracts. Surely someone with a powerplay worse than ours needs hel… oh wait.

  5. You boys don’t get it do you…Hugo’s “Erik” wants to go home to Frolunda, Alf told him to go there. They are not as sure of the contract status as all you guys are. Mute Point!

    Picard/Carkner(Chaperone) are you 5-6 pair!

    What isn’t settled is…can Kuba even play and with whom #14 or ??? #55!

    I like Campy, but he just seems to keep drawing the short straw.

  6. Most people figured a year of getting bodychecked in the AHL was in order for Karlsson this year, but Murray has spoken…he seems to want to give him a chance. There is likely more to it than we know. Perhaps EK wants nothing to do with the AHL. He’s already done the “playing against men” thing in the SEL, but Murray and all the others in Sens management are well aware how different things are over there versus the AHL. I really don’t think BM cares about the 10 games thing that much, he has said so a few times. At least in Bingo, he’d be able to get called up and sent down whenever the team wanted to. I’m just pretty sure he doesn’t want to go there….
    It just sucks that the hole in the Sens D is in the Top 4, even when Kubie is healthy. It’s not fair always pushing Karlsson, or Picard, Campoli, Carkner or even Lee if he was called up into that role. Kuba is supposed to be back in action for the Florida trip, but we never really know for sure.
    If I had to bet the farm, I would say we’ll see Karlsson play more games for the Sens this year as they continue to juggle a bunch of 5-6-7 defensemen trying to see who can play above his head for a while in the top 4. Looking WAY ahead to next year, my guess would be that Murray is betting on Cowen….maybe even having him jump all the way from the CHL into the team’s top 4. That’s quite a leap, but not impossible (Luke Schenn, nothing but success, right?) Doesn’t remove the need for at least a rental or some really good luck this year, though. A lot of teams have success with “opposites” pairings for their D. One hard checking “stay at home” guy and one “offensive, power-play, puck moving” guy. I think we can count on Carkner and one of Picard-Karlsson-Campoli-Lee being the bottom pairing next year. I bet they’d like to see Kuba with a Cowen or a muscle dude as the middle pairing (if Kubie can keep his crotch aligned.) Now just sign Volchenkov and we’ll settle for a kick-ass top pairing with little offense (aside from whacky games against scattered teams like Nashville!)

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