Karma’s a B!

After earning a point they didn’t deserve, Karma righted the balance, and stole a point they did deserve.  I guess all’s right in the universe again…

O.k., let’s start with the bad.

And it is bad.  Real bad.

The Sens blow a 2 goal lead, with less than 2 min. remaining, to a divisional rival.

That’s basically a 3 point give-away.

Un-acceptable, terrible, and beyond redemption.

There’s no sugar coating that reality.  It’s brutal, and inexcusable.

Now for the good news.  And it’s real good.

If the Sens can play exactly like that, for 72 more games, this team is going to be dynamite.

How’s that for a dychotimy?

The fact is, as unacceptable as that loss was, the Sens played an outstanding game.  Each and every player.  Everyman on the roster should be able to look in the mirror this morning with pride for how they played last night.

Normally, I look to a defeat for a learning opportunity (I know, how P.C.), but it’s true.  Teams can learn far more from a defeat than a victory, simply because they’re more receptive to accepting they did something wrong, they want to believe the negative result was not inevitable, or beyond their control.

But last night, the lesson was in what they did right, not in what they did wrong.

They played a great energy game, from the drop of the puck, to the final horn.

They stuck to their system, limited chances against, and capitalized on chances for.

They stayed out of the box, while still physically dominating the opposition.

Unfortunately, a combination of bad luck, a skilled opposition, and mind blowing goaltending kept them from earning the two points they deserved.

Sure it’s a lot easier when you can plant the horns on somebody’s head, and write off a loss to a bad play or two, but last night was a great game, with a poor result.

Shake it off boys, and don’t change a thing.


p.s. Els, we all know you deserved a win…leave it at that next time, ’cause


2 Responses to “Karma’s a B!”

  1. Couldn’t agree more. One of the best games I’ve seen Ottawa play in quite a while. If only they could have smothered that puck along the boards in the last few seconds it would have been an outstanding game for these new Sens.

  2. I agree – stole a point against Nashville – got robbed against Boston – that’s hockey – but a 5-2-2 record isn’t shabby and they are still improving

    I think getting Kuba back will really add to depth of the D – the lines still need tinkering (ie put Cheechoo on the 3rd line and try Foligno with Spezza and Michalek)

    PS Doesn’t Michalek have as many goals as you-know-who?

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