O.K, I’ll Take It.

Honestly, considering the game is against a non conference opponent, there are likely advantages in the Sens succumbing to in a (ahem) power play riddled OT.

I’d rather the Sens leave that ice surface feeling like they let one go, that they could have had, if they had only played a full 60 minutes.  I say let them be all the wiser for the experience, and take the lesson into they’re remaining games.  The alternative would be to have them leave the ice thinking they can poop the bed for 40 of the 60 minutes, and still come out with the win.

I still have to say, loss or no loss, at least they battled back, and have learned that, even when they’re not at their best, they have a goaltender that will keep them in it, and they have the ability to come back, should it be necessary.  This is another positive sign indicating that this team has left its recent history of poor play well in the past.

I say consider it a “learning moment”, lol!



4 Responses to “O.K, I’ll Take It.”

  1. SensFan090909 Says:

    Team…say it again but this time realize its the SENS were talking about…TEAM. Reguardless of sloppy play or being off and not having the ready to go attitude our Senators (unlike last couple years) decided to keep pushing..for the team. With all the blogs that i am sure will blame everything from rookie mistakes to cosmic intervention they pulled a point from the brink and kudos to our Sens for that. In the 20+ years i have watched hockey i have seen crazy,stoopid,impossible…ect. But what i witnessed last night was Team Unity. No looks of blame just a team knowing they need to work harder..do better..look forward.

    Good for you Sens
    keep up the hard work.


  2. Picard had probably the worst game of his career and Carkner was all over the place, just trying to do too much. Maybe they read the positive press clippings or something! I hope they bounce back quickly. The Sens really suck after long lay offs, especially at home against teams they’re picked to beat. Must be some kind of mental block. Even with all the lousy play (2 periods of embarrassment), they showed they’re a team to be reckoned with. If freakin’ McCreary wasn’t such a Sens hater, it would have been 2 points instead of 1 and Carkner and Picard wouldn’t have to feel so bad. Chin up, guys…this team can come through in any style of game! (Especially with no zebra wearing number 7.)

  3. Sure they got a point, but what a bunch of non-professional hockey players. You want fans to pay for that kind of uninspired hockey. Everybody forgot their assignments, no one was hitting or able to make a pass. Bright spots, Spezza, and I am not a Spezza fan. Pascal Leclaire playing NHL caliber hockey with a lot of bush league team mates. Some defensemen need to understand that they are not as talented as they think they are, therefore play within your means. And Sacul I couldn’t agree with you more on McCreary – what an ass.

  4. Just my opinion, but I thought that Carkner “tackle” in OT was a deserved call and pretty blatant. It prevented a 2 on 1 and you have to call those. And I hate McCreary.

    Whatever you want to call the game, you cannot exclude the word “entertaining”. The 3rd period and OT was some fun hockey, and while you may not want to remember the 1st and 2nd periods from last night, the rest of it was just pure fun.

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