First 8 to 38.

We’ve all heard it, you can’t make the post season in the first half of the season, but you can miss the play-offs in the first half of the season.

I’d pick a bone with that logic.

If you look over the past few years, the first 8 teams in a conference to book 38 pts., make the post season.

The fact is, with the 3 point games, making up ground is near impossible to do.  Sure, if it’s one team, you can catch up, but more than one…it’s not going to happen.

Ottawa must, absolutely must continue to win the winnable games, and tonights match vs. the Preds is certainly one of these games.

In order to win the Sens need to skate, and forecheck.  The Preds aren’t overly fast, or physical, and with their long losing streak, making them work, and putting them on their heels and backs, will go along way to breaking their spirit.

In watching the Preds last night, they are a team that is “over-working” the puck.  Way too much individual play, too few passes.  If the Sens can play them physically, and the Preds continue to over-play the puck, the turn-overs may come easy.

Lastly, the coach has decided to pull Chum, and keep Shannon in the line-up, with the return of Regin to the healthy list.  Normally I’d disagree with this choice, but vs. the Preds, I’m all for it.  Shannon has tremendous speed, and will continue to man the point in the absence of Kuba.  Against the bigger Bruins I would think (hope) Chummy will get back into the game, unless Shannon finally get’s some points tonight.  No doubt Chum will be eager to face his former team.

The Sens have to be sure to capitalize on this good start, and keep the ball rolling, ’cause it can, and will, pay huge dividends come the inevitable slumps and injuries.

Keep the foot on the pedal boys.



4 Responses to “First 8 to 38.”

  1. I hope Shannon has a great game, because Chum is certainly the Rodney Dangerfield of the organization. What more do they want from this guy?

  2. A future?
    Cause really, that’s all Shannon has over Chum.
    Chum does bring it, and I doubt he’s going anywhere. He can handle sitting out better than a younger player, but it’s still tough to swallow.

  3. It’s not gospel though. The Sens made the Cup final after a horrid start to their season and the Cup champion Penguins were in 10th place before they changed head coaches and went on to win it all.

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