Did anyone else watching the MTL/ATL game just hear PM say “but they’re getting good SAP! Slot Area Possession!”
This guy is soooo annoying when he’s doing colour.



8 Responses to “WhatTheWaaaaaht?”

  1. Slot Area Possession? That’s a new one! Sounds like something I craved when I was in high school.

  2. The most frustrating thing I hear from that buffoon is the use of the word percholating. Percholating… Seriously??? This isnt grade 12 chemistry class, its a freaking hockey game. And that word has spread to other areas of the network, such as the 1st intermission analysis. Other words like “Monster” and “active legs” also make me want to throw up all over my television.

  3. Cannot stand the man and his to-the-max commentary. He seriously needs a Monster wedgy.

  4. Watching that game was v. sad to be honest. I am feeling sorry for Montreal Afterall it is another Canadian city. The only silver lining is that they actually have their picks still. I don’t feel that sorry for TO btw.

  5. Pierre never went near the slot when he played…strictly a perimeter man…poor skating posture…arse stuck out too far…trolling maybe?

  6. Another note on the MTL game. here is a suggestion on how Carkey can celebrate the new contract: make an ice rag out of Colby Armstrong. The last this the team needs is a concussed player due to a “clean hit”

  7. I find Ray Ferraro equally as annoying.

  8. I actually don’t mind the little ball of hate.

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