Sens Extend Welcome Matt.

Ok, I was told something was up, and roster news would come out this week, that would clear up some of the excess player issues, but honestly, this was not what I had in mind.
But I’m not disappointed.
In fact, I’m extremely happy, and here’s why.
At 28, and if he stays within his ability (5-6 EV, 2nd PK unit), he’ll only improve, and more than earn his .700M cap hit. But, should he have a solid year, and not have been extended, there’s no doubt, as a UFA, Ottawa would have had serious competition in trying to sign a player who can play a regular shift, special teams, and throw with the heavy weights in the league.  Finger, who is a similar type player, with a similar history, converted one solid season into a 4yr, 14M contract, albeit, with the Leafs, but it still goes to show how crazy a bidding war can get.
If Finger (3.5/yr.), Gill (2.25/yr.), and even Komisarek  (4.5M, who, I’ve never thought was anything but what Carker is, a physical 5-6 dman who can fight) can shop the market, and land solid contracts, there’s no reason to think Big Easy couldn’t have as well, should he have converted this opportunity into a solid year in the NHL.
I’m not saying Carks jumped the gun by extending, but, it was a mutual risk by both sides.  Carks may have left some money on the table, and the Sens may have bought at the top.
I myself think it was a solid deal for both sides, and considering Laraque and Brashear recently signed UFA deals for 2x more, I can’t see much of a downside, even if Carks fails to be more than an enforcer, which I doubt.


6 Responses to “Sens Extend Welcome Matt.”

  1. You just gotta love guys who persevere after being rejected so often (Tim Thomas, Daniel Briere, Martin St-Louis, etc.)
    Carkner will likely get exposed a few times by elite forwards, but then again we saw Volchy get undressed by Okposo already this season…so it happens to everyone at some point. You really have to like this deal and think it totally fits the “value” philosophy needed for teams to succeed in a cap enviroment. There are actually more Carkner haters than I would have imagined in the blogosphere (try TUC!)…I’d love to see their takes towards the end of the season.

  2. The world is full of knee jerk contrarians, that just like to argue. Saying this was a bad signing is virtually impossible, considering Carks can fight, if nothing else.
    Signing Neil at his price was a risk, but not Carks.

  3. TUC purposely takes a cynical view of things. No reason to get belligerent about it Mr. Sacul.

    • PvR: There is a clear difference between cynicism and inaccurate bias. Also, you might want to double-check what belligerence is…there wasn’t so much as a hint of it in my comment.

  4. Ok, who is thios TUC you speak of?

  5. TUC is The Universal Cynic (Erin Nicks)…commonly derided with a bunch of other names these days (The Universal Complainer, The Useless Critic and some juvenile ones that deserve to be censored.) My take (shared by many other blog surfers who aren’t just Neanderthal Homer Fans) is that she is a very skilled writer and back in the day when the Sun picked up her freelance column, was a great read. She would tell things as they were without the rose-coloured glasses outlook.
    Now, she just needs to wear glasses period. She appears bitter and contrary…the quality of her blog is terrible. Everything is just anti-Sens and she wouldn’t say something good about the club if they marched all the way to the Cup without losing another game. Everything is always “It’s too early”, or “They got lucky”…stuff like that. Things that are obvious to impartial observers (like the forward depth of the team, the emergence of Carkner, the fact Leclaire is the best goalie the team has had, the success of Clouston) are just plain denied with the silliest of justifications.
    There’s a difference between being a Cynic and just offering poor quality work. She is also thin-skinned, cutting off comment posts when they aren’t to her liking and blocking any Twitter follower that doesn’t drink her Kool Aid.

    And you thought your question called for a short answer, eh? 🙂

    Let’s hope the Sens don’t take the Preds too lightly tonight…they have done that with low level teams in the past and been burned.

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