A Muddy Situation Just Got Muddier.

So now, with Carks locked up for another 2 years, it’s plainly obvious he’s not likely to be sent down to the minors.  But, with Picard, Campoli, Karlsson, Carkner, Phillips, Volchy, and Kuba, the blue line is simply too crowded, without even factoring in Lee, Cowan, and Weircioch.

Something’s gotta be done.

Somethings gonna be done.

What, I’m not sure, but something IS going to be done, and signing Carks may well be the opening salvo.

Keep your heads up folks, cause there’s a buzz in the air.



3 Responses to “A Muddy Situation Just Got Muddier.”

  1. Broken record (LOL!) from Sacul: I think Murray will wait a bit and some guys will take turns in the press box, or in Lee’s case, ride the AHL buses. I think Schubert’s waiver move was the one to give “Depth Chart D-Man # 9” a better opportunity. I just don’t think what the Sens need is on the market at this point in the season and BM doesn’t want to give away anybody else. He’s got 5 NHL caliber guys for 3 spots, but knows how fast things can change. I’m sure he’s talking to the other GMs, just in case… Who knows, maybe some GM will get desperate and offer up something like good draft picks and some solid AHL talent for a guy like Campoli, but it would have to be pretty good stuff from a pretty bad team for BM to bite. Now, if someone loses their mind and offers up a top-notch D-Man this early, well….Giddy Up!

    (If a Leclaire-type situation existed this year, that would be ideal. A guy that’s injured but will be valuable when he returns. Somehow I don’t think even “crazy Gainey” has any plans on dealing Markov, much less to a division rival, though! 🙂 Anyone fitting the profile in the Western Conference?)

  2. Basically you have to look to teams that are;
    1. In desperate need of a roster change, due to current performance, and need to adress the lack of a particular skill set,
    2. Have depth in terms of prospects they wil look to in the future,
    3. Have a contract they think they will lose to UFA/RFA, so wil move now,
    4. Have an economic reason to make a move, one of, need to clear space, or clear salary.
    If you can find a team with 2 of these 4 critieria, you have a team looking to make a trade, 3, it’s a team making calls, 4, and it’s a team trying not to get too badly fleeced.
    Most teams have situation 2 & 3, and these types of trades come nearer the deadline, those facing situations 1 or 4 could work a deal at any time.
    Toronto represents situation 1 & 3, 4 so have around a 75% chance of looking to make a deal.
    Ottawa has situation 2 & 3, and have a 33% chance of making a deal now.
    Chicago has situation 2, 3, & 4 and have a 75% chance of making a deal at any time.
    Vancouver is facing situation 1, and has a 25% chance of making a deal.


  3. I think Karlsson is gone – where I don’t know. If Murray thinks he still can play this year – Bingo- if not Sweden. Kuba has to be 100% before Murray makes a trade. Any ‘ifs’ and no D will be traded. I bet there is a good possibility that Murray may be putting together a package deal, but he needs to wait a few more games (see Kuba). I just wonder which forward(s) is/are leaving us? Any speculation out there?

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