A Sober Second Look.

I know I’m (just?) a blogger.  I don’t try to insinuate otherwise.

I don’t have access to the team, or a press pass, or a reason to worry about p.o’ing the team by writing something they dislike.

And, that, I will argue, is what makes the new phenomenon of “blogging” so valuable.  It can provide a sober second look at the game we all love, a look that the big media can’t or won’t provide.

It also allows a medium for people to produce some truly awesome stuff, like this blog from Jeff Clark, of Bloge Salming.

I know it’s an anti Leaf rant…but that’s not why I like it (o.k., not the ONLY reason I like it), it’s also irreverent, creative, and entertaining.

A spoonful of chocolate, in a world of vanilla, if you will.

Do check it out (the video), it’s gold.



3 Responses to “A Sober Second Look.”

  1. This is awesome! This is excellence in blogging…and so delicious for Sens fans! Thanks so much for the link to quality reading/viewing…keep ’em coming!!!

  2. actually, I got this thanks to illegalcurve.com . That site is the BEST site for blog round-ups, and newspaper round ups. It should be on every hockey fans “daily” list.

  3. I can’t believe I had yet to discover this site! Thanks so much! Now I have to find a way to get paid more for less work, because I have more surfing and reading to do and not enough time! Think anyone will pay me to read Hockey Blogs? 🙂

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