Where’s Alfie?

One of the stats I most enjoy analysing is ice-time.  Even strength (EV), Power Play (PP), Short Handed (SH), Average Time On Ice (ATOI), and Shift Length.

In my opinion, this single stat tells the greatest story.

In the last game, for some unknown reason, Alfredsson skated for only 8:11 of even strength ice time.  Compare this to his linemates Fisher (11:06), and Kovalev (13:12).

That’s a massive difference.


No doubt Mich saw a lot of EV ice time, and he was on fire, so it makes sense.  But I’d be hard pressed to say either Kovalev or Fisher out-played Alfie.  So why the big EV ice time difference?

Also interesting is the fact Alfie had 0 shots on net.  For #11, that’s very unusual.

Another interesting player is Ruutu.  Sure it’s early, but Ruutu has been absolutely outstanding thus far.  5 pts, +2, all with only 10:16 ATOI, 2:06/G of which has been played on the PK.  At 1.3M, Ruutu has been a huge contributor to this team, here’s hoping he can keep playing such a great game.

All of this leads me to the big question of the day, who’s gonna sit out?

Simply looking at the stats, which surely only tells a part of the story, would lead one to believe the odd men out will be Shannon and Winchester.

Shannon, with his 13:39 ATOI, has yet to produce a single point, and is a -2.  Shannon has played a role on the PP,  at the blueline, but so far the PP has been abysmal, and with Picard, Campoli, and Karlsson, the Sens have sufficient depth to man the points on the PP without having to sacrifice the better over-all game of Regin vs. Shannon.

My predicted forward line-up for tonights match;

Cheech – Spez – Mich

Kovy – Fish – Alfie

Ruutu – Regin – Foligno

Donovan – Kelly – Neil.


4 Responses to “Where’s Alfie?”

  1. GN:

    CiCI announced no line up changes; I agree with you Regin should be in there…he makes the third line go.

    How about my man “Plus” 24 shifts…24:24 on ice in all situations…#45 and the “Chaperone!” get tested tonight.

  2. We need Alfie more at the end of the year, i.e playoffs. Hopefully the rest of the team gets him there.

  3. I agree – Regin should replace Shannon as he is far more effective

    As for Alfie – his role has changed in that he has become a more of a playmaker than a goal scorer – in a game in which he was labeled as “invisible” by TSN he got three assists – a turnover pass to Kovolev – a long bomb to Michalek – and a quick feed to Spezza who threw a backhand pass to Michalek – Thornton like numbers if you ask me

    even though he plays wing he acts more like a centre with Fisher and Kovalev


  4. I thought Alfie had a solid game, I’m not too sure where “The Little Ball Of Hate” was coming from when he said Alfie had been invisible. Maybe it was because he is playing more of a perimeter game now that Fisher is the puck retreival guy, and Kovy is holding onto the puck so much.
    What concerned me was his EV ice time, it was way down…makes me wonder if there isn’t an injury of some sort.
    Nik, I agree that Picards numbers are good, especially his shooting percentage, but I still feel he is too often out of position…he runs around a bit too much in the defensive zone. On the bright side, I do feel his physical game has improvd while playing alongside “Big Easy”, and at his size, it is important that Picard develop his physical game.

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