Sens Must Continue To Win The Win-able.

Another game vs. another non play-off shoe in, is another game the Sens must win in order to remain on track to making the post season.

I know I’ve gone over this before, but this remains a critical requirement fr this team, especially when playing teams in the east.

Between PIT, BOS, PHI & WSH, there remains only 4 spots left in the post season rush.  Now, it’s certainly possible one of those teams falls out of the mix, but to count on that is simply foolish.

Rather, the Sens will have to compete against other teams equally (or more) able to secure one of those remaining 4 slots.  So far so good, as Ottawa has not failed to earn points against teams they should at least be able to compete against, but the same can be said for some of the competition too.

Buffalo, for example, currently sits 4-0-1, atop the NE and, unlike the Senators, they have earned points against teams they shouldn’t have beaten (DET, albeit, DET is hardly storming out of the gate).  The only team to hand BUF a loss thus far this season has been MTL, and that came in overtime.  Tonight BUF faces ATL, and this represents a no win situation for the Sens, but let’s all hope for a 2 pt. game.

Another team storming out of the gate in the east is the NYR.  What a great start, including a win over the Sens in the first game of the season.  The Rangers will face off against the Leafs tonight, unfortunately for the Leafs, it won’t be a game of dodge-ball…more likely another game of dodge puck for the unlucky sod in net for the mouldy blues.  Another 7-2 drubbing on the way?  Actually, I’m rooting for the Leafs in this one, considering the streak the Rangers have been on.  My enenmies enemy…

Tonight the Sens will have to do exactly what they’ve been doing.  Playing a strong game in the neutral zone, making the simple plays into the offensive zone, and forechecking with authority.  Unlike in the game vs. TBL, the Sens won’t be able to rely on their speed in creating turn-overs, instead they’ll have to try to take advantage of their speed combined with physicality to keep the nimble, and offensively gifted MTL forwards off the score-sheet.

Leclair will be trying to put on a show for his home crowd, and Price will be doing the same, knowing all eyes are on him.  Can they handle the pressure?  Leclair can, as he recorded a shut out in his only other game in MTL, but (IMO) Price has consistently failed to raise his game when the heat is on…here’s hoping that continues.

Lastly, if the Sens hope to continue on their winning ways, they absolutely must draw more penalties, and capitalize on their PP opportunities.  So far they’ve been abysmal on both fronts.  Here’s hoping it’s just a matter of “gelling”, and with the lines being more set, the man advantage offense will improve.

This game has the makings of being a great tilt, and I for one am looking forward to watching!



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