A Win In Cliches.

Bend, But Not Break.

The Canadiens stormed out of the gate, and entirely dominated the Senators in the early going.  If one were to have turned off the game after 5 minutes, you would have had no doubt who would hit the dressing room with 2 pts. on the board.

But rather than be over-whelmed, the Sens instead bent, but didn’t break.  Even when facing an absolute onslaught of shots while killing a 5-3, the Sens still wouldn’t yield the pressing Canadiens a single goal.  It wasn’t until an unforced gaff by Leclaire that the Canadiens finally tallied a goal, but the Sens had already capitalized on only their second shot of the game.

Paying The Price To Win

Volchenkov is playing like the player we all thought we were going to see after the Stanley Cup run.  He’s been hitting, pinching, and blocking shots with reckless abandon.  Pascal owes Volchy a chicken dinner…hell, make it a chicken and rib combo Snoopy.

Make A Silk Purse Out of Sows Ear.

Let’s face it, the Sens probably didn’t deserve the 2 pts., but they secured them none the less.  They stuck to the game plan, refused to give in, and took advantage of the few opportunities they were able to muster in the first half of the game.  That game was the epitome of making a silk purse out of a sows ear.

What Goes Around, Comes Around.

Just 2 games after suffering a humiliating defeat at home, where the Sens were repeatedly scorned and mocked by the hockey Gods, they got to enjoy the rebound effect and be on the good end of the luck.

You Can Never Go Home Again.

Kovy, with a solid effort, reminded the misty eyed Habs fans that, no matter how much you may wish otherwise, you can’t go home again.  Even after firing in the back breaking 3rd goal mid way through the 3rd period, the home crowd still showed a tremendous amount of class and applauded their wayward son.  It was a touching moment, and frankly, I was humbled by the class shown by the Habs fans who cheered Kovy’s effort and skill.

Take ‘Em, However You Can Get ‘Em.

I’d love to say it was a beautiful win, but it wasn’t.  The Sens hung in there, with a mixture of skill, determination, and luck, and eventually broke the will of the Habs.  What was obvious was the Sens vulnerability to speed, and this repeatedly forced them to get hemmed into their own end, and option a dump out rather than make an offensive transition play.

This is something that will have to be addressed, and Clouston will have a few days of practice in order to do so.



5 Responses to “A Win In Cliches.”

  1. The Sens defensive game has picked up a notch, and their PK is lights out.
    Leclaire is (so far) making saves when the team needs him to, which is giving the team a chance to win.

    different guys are scoring at opportune times. Hopefully, this keeps up.

    Don’t know when the last time this has been the case.

    And what can you say about Alfie! He’s the man.

  2. I agree with your analysis of the game. I would like to add that unlike previous years the Sens really turned it on in the third, even when they had a lead. They probably shouldn’t have been up by a goal in the second the way they played, but we’ll take that one for sure.

  3. Nice work with the use of a “cliché” to capture each thought…the term does not translate, the English Dictionary and google are wrong…it’s a direct stand alone steal from the French. It’s root is in the French Diplomates not wanting to tell it like it is and thus they resorted to the use of the “clishé”. In French they avoid the use of the plural as of course orally it’s not sounded.

  4. GN:
    Excuse the type-o…get so excited correcting the dictionary…put me in mind of the last time on the definition and meaning of another diplomatic term “provocateur”…needless to say my well educated off spring were impressed.

  5. Nik…Whatthewhat?!

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