Sens Thunder The Lightning.

I started taking notes on this one early in the 1st.  And to be honest, it didn’t start too pretty.  My scouting notes shows Ottawa struggling with the Tampa forecheck, and young Karlsson being out-muscled by the bigger bodied Tampa forwards.

Then, like a sudden squall, the Sens began to dominate.  Then they began to downright own the Lightning.  Then, Carks made Downey his lady (honestly, I think Downie was just trying to get a hug, at least it sure looked that way as soon as Carks dropped the mitts).

Apart from a bad pinch from Karlsson, leading to a Lightning 2-1 goal, it was sheer domination.  But I’d be remiss if I didn’t point out the spectacular play of Spezza and the dynamic duo (24, 4).

Obviously a hat trick is very notable, as is a goal by Nick, on a big night for him.

Looks like the 19, 9, 41 line is really clicking, let’s hope it keeps up.

Nice win, it’s good to see the goal differential get into the positive again.



5 Responses to “Sens Thunder The Lightning.”

  1. You managed to do a recap without managing to include Michalek’s name.

    I’m stunned.

  2. I mentioned the hat trick…close enough.
    Obvously Mich had a great game, actually, obviously Mich was finally rewarded for having a great game. He’s been good to V. good the last 4 matches, but until tonight he’s been nearly snakebitten.
    It’s nice to see some numbers to quiet down the nervous Nellies out there.

  3. What a awesome game, I didn’t get to see the first couple minutes (from what ive heard im glad i didn’t) but what i saw was just pure domination. I could proabably count on one hand how many battles for the puck the senators lost last night, they just out skated the lightning all night.

    Im happy with the Spezza line. Mich and Spezza are starting to create some chemistry and Chech has made some very very nice plays the last 2 games (I don’t really remember the play, but i remember him making an awesome pass to Mich for a good scoring chance just alittle bit after Mich score his first goal of the night)

    Alittle bit through the 3rd period I was thinking that Ive hadn’t see much from Alfredsson line. They did score the first goal, and I think Fisher had a good game. But they didn’t stick out very much (some how Alfredesson had 3 assist and i think I heard him name once and thats when they were talking about how much they haven’t noticed him lol)

    Another thing I was watching was to see if Karlsson was winning the battled down low in his own end, and I have to say I was impressed, He didn’t outright win alot of them, but his man didn’t get away freely with the puck alot, which right now is good of me. (also he seems to like taking slapshots, It seemed every time he had the puck in the lightning’s end, he was winding up for a slapshot, which I like, cause there is nothing wrong with getting the puck to the net)

    all in all, it was a great game, very entertaning

  4. Finally – A break-out game!!

    Only player left to score big time is Cheechoo. (I still think Foligno is a better fit on the “A” line but that salary is letting Cheechoo stay on the first two lines.)

    Ottawa has manged to hide Karlsson so far but with Kuba coming back I think a stint in the AHL will really help his progression.

    Shannon was invisible and I think Regin will take his place.

    But enough with the negatives – the Sens were able to roll 4 lines and still get scoring – the PK was great and the PP shows signs of life.

    Great Game!!

  5. I thought Cheechoo was going to get his 1st. Man he had a flurry of chances on a couple shifts. The top line looks to be clicking, and Cheech is getting better every game.

    Outstanding effort from the boyz!

    Couldn’t help feeling a little boastful in front of my colleague this morning(Habs fan). 🙂


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