Another 2 Pts?

If the Sens can expect a pass for losing against top tier teams like the Penguins, it’s only fair to expect them to win games versus teams below or at their level.

Tonights tilt against the Lightning represents one of those games the Sens must win.

Not just for the 2 pts, but also because Tampa represents a team the Sens will be in competition with for the few unaccounted for play-off positions in the east.

It is expected the lines will remain the same, most notably the Spezza line remaining intact, and the hopes of Cheechoo reclaiming a top 6 role after a couple of seasons in no mans land.

Let’s go Sens, it’s time to get it together offensively, and your PP has been horrible.

Prediction 5-4, Ottawa win.



3 Responses to “Another 2 Pts?”

  1. I’m glad you got that score so wrong

  2. Lee Zamparo Says:

    Excellent game. Michalek-Spezza-Cheechoo is really coming together as a line, I think the top 6 is settled for the time being. The bottom six is tough to call as well. Might see Regin get the Brian Lee squeeze treatment, and end up back in Bingo (should he be able to go down without passing through waivers). Otherwise, someone’s gotta go.

  3. What a game!

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