Karlsson Ready To Be Great?

O.k., the kid’s had his time in the NHL, so now what?

Is he ready to patrol the blue line on a full time basis, or is it time to help him improve his game outside the pressures of the NHL?

Karlsson represents an issue, that needs to be handled with kid gloves.  The kid has moxy, and a tonne of confidence, and those are great attributes in a player.  But they’re challenges when deciding how best to handle his development.  No doubt Karlsson feels he can improve in the NHL, and would view any other situation as a set-back, or a demotion.  The fact is, it isn’t.  And having him accept that will be the main challange faced by management.

As much as I believe he earned the right to get 9 games in the NHL, I also believe his being here is also being used as a means to an end.  The hope must be that Karlsson will see he’s not quit ready to DOMINATE at this level.  And that is his ability, not just to play in the NHL, but to dominate in the NHL.  Karlsson has to accept that he will attain this ability more quickly by improving his skill in either the A or the SEL, than he will struggling through in the NHL.

I think Karlsson has played great, for a 19 year old Swedish rookie.  No I think it’s time for him to improve his game by dominating in the AHL, against men, in a NA environment.

It’s not a demotion, it’s a promotion.  A promotion from 3rd pairing minutes, to top pairing minutes.  From hopeful, to all-star.  From facing criticism to facing cheers.

Erik, you’re gonna be great in the NHL, but it would be best to first be great in the AHL, and trust me, you will be.

Go get ’em kid!



10 Responses to “Karlsson Ready To Be Great?”

  1. OK! Here is another one we disagree on…Philippé, who I dislike because he will not hit, shall save Karlsson if he ever gets back in the line up.
    Right now Campy and the “Pup” look like two undersized kids out there…CiCi likes those undersized guys but…so do those Big Tough Power Forwards that all the better NHL Clubs have.

    “Erik” has got to stay he’s Bryan and my “Messiah”…a big ego and Alf’s encouragement can go a long way!

  2. Dutch Treat Says:

    Finally, we agree on something Nik….It’s unfair to truly evaluate Karlsson’s play until he gets a chance to play with someone more confident in their play than Campoli. Thus far, I think KC is actually detrimental to EK’s development but he’s putting Erik is a position to fail and look bad (case in point, the turnover on the 4th goal and his awkward position on the second goal).

    If it were up to me, Campoli would see the press box, Rig and Volchie, Alex and Carks and Charmin Soft Kuba and EK would be the matchups for Thursday.

    Campoli hasn’t impressed me in any game thus far as a Senator. The fact that we traded a late first-rounder for him makes his non-play even more stinging.

  3. Karlsson would be playing with Kuba if Kuba was healthy.

    I do think that it’s unfortunate he’s had to spend time on the ice with Campoli, who doesn’t compliment him well, but Karlsson really is not ready for the NHL. He needs to be sent to the AHL, which will be so much better for his development.

  4. Darren:

    There is nothing in the A for “Erik” except some cowboy lookin’ for a name for himself, runnin’ him.

    It’s the PP that will save him…playing with Kuba…Fish @ the net…Alf keepin’ it cool…and Kovy down low, off wing just given ‘er!

  5. Nik, the PP will save him? He’s logged 10:11 on the PP, and hasn’t a single PP point.
    There are 4 other skaters out there to share that blame, but to point to Karlsson as someone who has shown the talent to excel in the NHL, at this level, is premature, IMO.
    In the A he will log more minutes, in more situation, against better talent (yes, better talent). The A is full of players better skilled than the average 4th liner that Karlsson currently lines up against.
    To think the A is made up of goons and mediocre players is myopic at best.
    Look, I’d love to see Karlsson bloom here in the NHL, but that simply isn’t realistic.

  6. GN:

    Take a look @ the Leafs, that’s the “A” right now…someone is going to get seriously hurt playing these guys…the Marlies are old and crankie…the Bull Dogs are bullies…Bingo is considered a skill team!!! Ya wanna see some of these games…I think the Marlies are the oldest team in Pro Hockey.

    Note: The “A”… their fighters are tougher (Carks/Yabs), their goons are stupider. The rats are ratier. The differential in skill from player to player is actually quite dangerous…it’s like playing in a Beer League with a guy who cannot skate and thinks he’s a player.

  7. If there’s one thing I know, it’s the A.
    p.s. the Leafs are a great example of the A, and Karlsson would become a better player facing them 23 minutes a night, vs their top line, rather than 16 min. a night vs. an NHL 4th line.

    • Lee Zamparo Says:


      I think that sending him down before the 10 game mark makes sense on contractual reasons alone. The latest post at AOSB (http://anothersensblog.blogspot.com/2009/10/karlsson-kwagmirequagmire.html) claims that demotion prior to the 10 game mark will allow his ELC to be extended by one year. This is a good cap move.

      However, there are mitigating factors! First, if Kuba is injured for a significant period, who are we going to get to play his minutes, and provide his offense from the blueline? Next, if we expect one of Cowen / Wiercioch to make a push next year, in addition to Lee / Karlsson, that would leave Ottawa with an awfully young and inexperienced defense corps. How many go to Bingo to play?

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