The (Hockey) Gods Must Be Crazy!

Ugh, talk about bad luck.

3 of the Pens 4 goals were bad luck, and no matter how good the chance for Ottawa, it just wouldn’t go in.

Look, you’re not going to win 82 games a year, and losing one, to the defending Cup champs, in which you were constantly mocked by the hockey Gods, well, just shake it off.

But that’s not to say it can be all chalked up to bad luck.

Kelly and Picard were AWFUL.

Missed shots, bad passes, give aways and questionable decision making.

I’m not about to hang anybody for one game, but man alive, that was a brutal performance on both their parts.

No doubt when Kuba comes back, Picard is getting a seat in the press box, and if Kelly doesn’t begin looking like he can do more than kill penalties, he’s soon to be waived in favour of Regin.

Ok, so now on the good side.

That goal by Mich…a thing of beauty.  What a fake shot/pass by Cheech, and a brilliant rag by Mich.  Awesome.  I thought that line was the best line on the ice all night, both teams included.  I do hope they stay together.

Carkner – I hate to belabor a point, but this kid should be called the Big Easy.  He just keeps it simple, makes the smart plays, and when he does pinch, he never gets too fancy, or put himself in a bad position.  He may not be fast, or even highly skilled, but he is smart, and so long as he remains committed to playing within his ability, he’ll only continue to garner more ice time.  He reminds me of Charley Huddy.  No flash, no dash, but when it comes to keeping it simple, and playing a smart game, a real pro.  Keep it simple Carks, be the Big Easy, it’s working brilliantly.

Pascal – Snoopy, that 3rd goal was SHIT!  But you know that, so lets bury it, and forget about it.  Instead, let’s focus on the numerous OUSTANDING saves you made to keep your team alive.  You were very impressive.  Keep it up, and I know that stinker was a one off, no worries.

Lastly, Fish…oh man, so much effort, so little luck.  Keep it up, it’ll come.

Well, at least were not Leaf fans…(ahahaha!)



11 Responses to “The (Hockey) Gods Must Be Crazy!”

  1. Woozle man Says:

    Can’t win ’em all indeed. I notice that Campoli and Karlsson were both -3: ouch? Didn’t see the game, but that looks bad. Great to hear that Spezza,Michalek,Cheechoo were looking good together, long may it continue.

  2. Enough with the karlsson experiment .. Needs time in the A. I hope he even realizes that himself ..

  3. Karlsson had his good moments too. Personally, I’d rather have Lee up, and Karlsson down, but time will tell.

  4. GN

    You gotta start to watch the game…ya got the shit beat out of you by the Stanley Cup Champs…Picard @ +5 is your best DEFENCEMAN with Carkner…Wake up Campy goes to the Press Box because the “Pup” gets his shot with Philippé.

    FYI your analysis is horse sh&t! Cheechoo was OK tonight but is not good enough or fast enough to stay with Jason and #9…4 games max.

  5. I really don’t think Picard did too terribly. I think he had a much better game than Karlsson (who needs to be sent down to the AHL) and Campoli, who had an off-night.

    Canucnik – I thought Cheechoo did quite alright tonight, actually. I thought that line was really clicking.

  6. Dutch Treat Says:

    Ignore Canucnik, he loses credibility the minute he thinks Picard is more than a serviceable defenceman (HE’S NOT) and harped all last year that the Sens needed to trade for Brian Campbell.

    As for the game, Cheechoo played very well and held his own with Spezza and Michalek. He has natural chemistry with Mach 9 and Jason Spezza doesn’t play a speed game so he fits naturally with him too.

    Campoli was AWFUL tonight. He should have had his @ss glued to the bench after that horrible giveaway.

  7. Funny how so many people watch a game and have completely different views. I thought Spezza’s line was really starting to hum last night.The defense was where I thought it would be against the Penguins, but the guy who stunk it up, for me, was Kovalev. No heart, no drive and rookie skill set. If you don’t use your skills you might as well not have them.

  8. Dutch Treat you’re fired!

    We could have used Brian Cambell’s status, speed and skill last night. Part of our problem is confidence…our D-Corps. is out of order.
    Get used to watching Picard +5 and Carkner +4 all year, they were your best pair again last night and have been for 4 games.
    The Caboose, #41, is “done” and as I told you last year with #21…it took you 60 games to realize it was true…wake up!
    BTW you are the only one questioning my credibility…who do you think you are…the infallible know it all!

  9. Master Of Puppets Says:

    Yeah, Kovalev. If I could Freaky Friday myself into his body for a game, I’d show him how to earn his Fkn salary. JHC! Gets a big payday, then not contribute. At 5M per, you’d better have controlled 2 of the first 10 games and have 8 points. You owe us 7 in the next 5 Alex or someone should pin you down, shave your head, and glue that helmet to your new Kojak inspired do. And then Alfie gives you good kick in the arse with a steel toe boot. Sampson may have been strong with long hair, but you clearly need it buzzed …

  10. For the record, my issue with Picard is not as evident on the score sheet, as on the ice. Stats are great, but they often give an accurate impression, vs tell a clear story. Plus minus is particularly troublesome.
    I found, tonight, Picard was constantly out of position, turning the puck over with frightening consistency, and on several occasions converted offensive opportunities into a mess.
    Yes, the give-away by Campoli (and he struggled as well) led to a goal, but it was a smart offensive play, combined with bad luck. I have no doubt Clouston praised him for that pass, and chalked it up to bad luck.
    As for the first Kennedy goal, that was a Kelly goof, and had nothing to do with Campoli. Kelly had the option to reverse the puck, or ice it, but instead fired it across the crease. Inexcusable for a player who has earned his role for his smart defensive play.
    Hey Nick, we all have our own takes, that’s what makes it interesting.
    I suspect when game 10 approaches Karlsson will be sent down.

  11. I’m starting to come around on Picard, Canucnik, though he still needs some fine tuning. I have to go with Gerald and others though on Cheech. I think he had a pretty good game, and he has generally looked better each game. I REALLY like the top two lines as they are right now. Alfie and Kovy’s skill and play-making around Fisher’s raw power is brilliant (especially if Kovy’s ok on the left). And I think we have to give Cheech a good look with Spezza. At least a few more games. I suspect Mich will do well on any line, especially as he gets more comfortable with his teammates and CC’s system. Campoli and Kelly were the two weakest links last night (and not just for their two big mistakes). I say let them ride the boards for a bit. Bring back Regen and call up Lee. Lee needs his NHL time now. AHL won’t help him much any more.

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