A Greasy Little Bird On The Menu.

After a season (or two) of less than stellar performances, a Thanksgiving day victory would go a long way to smooth the ruffled feathers.

But it ain’t gonna be easy.

Pittsburgh is as close to the perfect team as the NHL has seen in years.

With a dynamic offensive, that extends through 3 of the 4 lines, the Penguins will force the young Sens defense to bring their A game, plus, if they hope to keep the Pens from basting poor Pascal in rubber.  The Pens have a big advantage over the Sens in this regard.  But what is becoming apparent is the depth of the Sens vis a vis their competition.  No, the Sens 3rd and 4th lines aren’t equivalent to other teams 1st and 2nd lines, but when matched up vs. their numerical counterparts, they’re proving to be far superior.  It’s this skill difference that has garnered the Sens an early winning streak, and for all those dumping on Murray for over-paying for “role” players…well, maybe it doesn’t seem so bad anymore.  It’s this depth vs. depth that often wins games.  Sure, maybe we no longer have the best 1st line in the NHL, but we do have the best 4th, and arguably one of the best 3rd.

The Pittsburgh defense are no slouches either.  Gonchar provides the smooth skating and offense from the blueline, whilst Orpik provides the jam.  In this regard the Sens are competitive with the Pens, but unfortunately they will play without Kuba, forcing his ice time to be spread among the less skilled and experienced defenders.  Another chance for Carks to dazzle?

Goaltending on both teams has been impressive thus far.  But the nod has to go to the guy with the ring.  Undoubtedly Pascal circled this date on the calendar, and although he was not invited to the TC Olympic trial, don’t think for an instant he doesn’t want to get a hard look now that he’s healthy.  What better way than to stand tall vs. the Stanley Cup champs?

I say bring it on.  Win or lose, this game can only make the team better for having played it.



2 Responses to “A Greasy Little Bird On The Menu.”

  1. Amen to that brother!

  2. This will be the biggest test of our defense yet. I am expecting our third and fourth lines to really dig in and help our young “D” cope. They are not strong enough to stand up alone yet. (Anton and Cris not included)

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