Another Team In Quebec?

One can only hope so.

Quebec was a great NHL city, and anyone who thinks otherwise, never witnessed a game there.  The crowd was always great, the passion was high, and the love of the game has never diminished.

Only a terrible combination of the dollar and a terrible arena fouled the otherwise smooth running hockey engine of Eastern Quebec.

But since then, a lot has changed.  There is now a salary cap, the dollar is strong, and has in place a monetary system to compensate for arbitrage, and hopes of a new arena breaking ground in the near future.

As a Sens fan, I’d far sooner see another team in Quebec, than in Ontario.  As it stands the Sens already play media coverage second fiddle to the Leafs, another team in and around the GTA would soon have us bumped to #3 status.  Another team in Quebec however, especially in the predominately french speaking region of NE Quebec would provide another team with which to build a solid rivalry, but due to RDS, provide little actual media competition.

I’d love to see the return of the Nordiques.



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