Another 2 pts.

Atlanta represents another two points.

When going over the schedule, with wins and losses in mind, no doubt tonights match versus the Thrashers was considered a 2 pointer.  And if this team is going to make the post season, it will be these “gimme” matches that will have to be won, along with some “steals”, such as in the Monday tilt vs. the Pens.

The match will host a new top line, with Fisher and Kovy being promoted to the 1st line, while Spez and Mich move down into the #2 position.

Personally, I like the change, as I feel it provides Kovalev a line mate capable of making the most of his skill set.

Inversely, I’m not so sure about the top line.  Spezza will not have a sniper winger, but rather two bangers and net drivers.  Can he change his game to accomodate?  I believe so, but he will no doubt be under far more pressure by the opposition, as he will be targeted as the lone puck carrier, while Mich and Foligno are all but ignored.

Should be interesting.



5 Responses to “Another 2 pts.”

  1. the bottom line is that I really appreciate Clouston .. you do need out of the box thinking to get the most out of this group. What they need to do now is send karlsson down and bring Brian Lee up. I think that’s a fair move.

  2. re Sam – I think you are right on – Karlsson is still too light at 170lbs to be effective defensively – but the Sens should play Karlsson for a few more games to get a better read on him – Atlanta and Pittsburgh are fast teams and should be a real test for him – plus a few more games in the AHL should motivate Lee more

  3. I really hope the Sens play a structured game tonight and not take the Thrashers lightly cause they’ve been playing well. Kovalchuk is still a threat even if by himself and we need the team to pull together for those 2 ‘easy’ points

  4. I bet that Murray has given Karlsson a set number of games (Say 10) and then he will be re-evaluated. I can’t see them sending him down after just 4 games, otherwise they wouldn’t have made the decision to keep him here at the beginning of the season.

  5. Seems after the Thrashers game Campoli would be the odd man out:

    Karlsson gets time in the A . You get a motivated healthy scratch in Campoli.

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